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The psychology in business of

was presented to me Not so long ago an opportunity to work with the leading international consulting company as the navigator of the project on increase of operational efficiency of one bank. And I, it is possible so to speak, began to see clearly when looked at business from the new point of view.

What saw?

The management, Board of bank, painfully difficult makes decisions. Meetings on any subject come to an end with such decision: “let`s it discuss at the following meeting next week“. And so every time.

The staff of bank has a set of ideas as “it is better to make life“, already all of them considered one thousand times, but these ideas and plans do not find an opportunity for realization.

The fear and resistance to changes prevent to move to new, heads are afraid that if to change something in the current work, then “terrible check will come from the Central Bank tomorrow, from Tax authorities and will punish“. How to change that 10, 20 years were created by the hands? And what, all this to pull down now? As one head admitted a straight talk: “Now we do everything according to the law, according to each point, I sleep peacefully now. And if to change something, then I do not know …“. And at the same time all accurately understand that changes are necessary, without them the bank will slip in the lower lines of a rating.

The management of bank, not always represents the aim towards which goes. At meetings the question is often brought up: “And where we go? What bank we build?“. The management has bank of no answers to these questions, but their existence would simplify all further steps.

Now I can predict result of each such meeting with an absolute accuracy, it is as follows: meetings come to an end or without decision, or scandal between participants.

It is some examples from business life in which, in my opinion, the help of the psychologist is extremely important. Watching business work from within, being in it, need of the expert working at a joint of psychology and business is sharply felt.

What the expert working at a joint of psychology and business would be useful to heads?

Of course, help in decision-making. Under decision-making not purely technical, logical task when on the basis of statistics, forecasts the most optimal solution is made means. Extremely important for the head not only the logical analysis, but also how these decisions correspond to his personality, deep values, installations: what risk level it is ready to accept what is afraid of that to it will be more comfortable.

We will assume, the director employed business - the consultant. The consultant developed recommendations for his business that it is necessary to change what to make. And there comes the moment of implementation of recommendations. And what occurs? The head encounters resistance from the deputies subordinated of personnel. They sabotage its initiatives, do not want to change something, are afraid of changes. And this moment when it is necessary to realize changes, but resistance from other personnel is encountered - it is also the sphere of work of the psychologist how to realize initiatives for business development.

To me questions from heads of businesses sometimes arrive. “My employee does not want to work more plan. Implemented the plan and sits, plyuyot in a ceiling. I do not know how to motivate it.“ “The partner in business wrote the SMS that hates me, I do not know how to be“.

Now, in my opinion, questions of corporate management, inadmissibly to solve without examination of the psychologist: relationship of shareholders and board, heads and subordinated, the company and clients.

Me two forms business - consultations seem. Conditionally it is possible to call them: expert and intuitive.

the Expert form assumes deep knowledge of a business subject, generation of some recommendations about a subject of business, optimization business - processes.

The intuitive form assumes creation of such conditions under which the head makes decisions quicker, ways of the solution of problems everything are are. These conditions are similar to a sunlight at which plants grow and fructify quicker, than in complete darkness.

The expert form is, in my opinion, area of work business - the consultant. An intuitive form - area of work of the psychologist. Intuitive - casual does not mean. It is based on knowledge in the field of deep psychology.

To the psychologist in business it is twice more difficult, than just to the psychologist. Because in addition he still needs to understand also bases of business, to be familiar with economic terms, concepts, to understand business language.

The psychologist sees not just a task for the decision, and the identity of the head, he is able to look at a problem with the businessman`s eyes, to get, plunge mentally into his inner world and at the same time to remain itself(himself).

Several examples.

to find out why sales in shop fall, even far it is not necessary to go. The seller with discontent states to the buyer: “What did you put a basket here? Put it there!“. Or on cash desk: “You what, specially, perhaps you give a big banknote that I to you exchanged them?!“. In bank the employee working with the client can without understanding offend that it by either a fleer, or ignoring of his question, or when opening a contribution the phrase: “And what so it is not enough?“. Whether or the waiter in cafe on a question of the client is cheesecakes answers: “The girl, you what you do not see? Right there it is clearly written that cheesecakes only for breakfast.“.

I doubt that clients will want will return to such shop, bank or cafe. Businessmen loses clients, lose profit. Certainly, there are difficult clients, there are boors, someone there is no leg rose in the morning. But those employees about whom I wrote above need precisely or to pass training on communication, or in the future they will lose work.

One large head hurried the employees to write the important letter. He was indignant with mistakes in phrases, defects in annexes to the letter, shouted: “I struggle one and a half years with you! … Well really it is not clear? … Include a brain already! … We lost hour of time! …“ etc.

was unpleasant to Subordinates, they fussed, worried. One file on the computer was not saved, other file was incidentally erased. As a result they 4 hours of superfluous spent for recovery of the lost files, discussion of a situation with colleagues, experiences from - for shouts of the chief, mental talk with it. A half of the working day left for nothing. It seemed, the head would like to make business quicker, worried, for it this important issue and therefore shouted.

And what as a result? Labor productivity subordinated from it decreased and the time of performance of a task was postponed.

Other head, motivated subordinated by fear. Directly said that if they do not implement the plan, then they will be dismissed. The result of course was, some implemented the plan, but here at others nervishka were loosened, they froze in fear could not even take to call a tube phone to the client. But the result from motivation by fear was similar to short flash. As soon as the head ceased to frighten, plans were not implemented any more.

Of course, it subordinated passed good training on resistance to stress. Only it did not affect results of business in any way.

Or the woman who has the business. Complains that each call is given to contractors with great difficulty. Is not able to speak “no“, is afraid to offend. Is afraid to tell: “no, it is expensive“. Is afraid to ask to repay a debt at the contractor. And in general all talk about business - negotiations frightens her. These problems brake activity, there is no ease.

Of course, the help of the psychologist is desirable here, and itself even the owner of business sees the reasons of insufficient efficiency of business in personal problems which would like to resolve, to work so to speak … And if to make the practical recommendation for a similar case, then in my opinion, it is necessary through fear to call, call, and to call once again … It is possible to make the forecast before a call that will be told in reply by the contractor … Then through cold sweat to call and compare what turned out with the forecast.

My experience prompts - very well rakes over the coals. On contrast between own forecast and the fact fears which are groundless become well visible. Just some thoughts which sat down and became habitual. Such method to do the forecast before a call before beginning cooperation with someone, highlights false beliefs. In the same way as searchlights from the different parties in the dark highlight a problem zone and there everything becomes visible.

Often people who visit business - trainings ask such questions which, apparently, subjects of business do not concern: “I cannot tell “no“, I feel guilty if I act this way - it is my main problem“.

And there is a wish to tell, to you it would be good not on business - training to go, and on psychological training or on consultation to the psychologist.