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Not all trainings are equally useful: or as I saw 50 couples of naked female boobs!

Episode No. 1. Background

As I saw 50 couples of naked female boobs

As I saw 50 couples of naked female boobs

One of summer days off I carried out on training in a country house of rest. I was invited by organizers as the assistant.

Of course, it is interesting to me to see this business from within. As it is arranged system of trainings as business.

Training is devoted to success, achievement of the objectives, troubles in the heads, energy, etc. Where to take forces on that success about which all speak, but do not speak. From where ideas take root into our heads - the viruses preventing to achieve success etc. of

Ya there helped organizers: to bring chairs, behind keys from the hall to run, to adjust the equipment, the people to organize, agree about the hall with administration etc.

was the First day the prolog. Told the theory, explained about responsibility, about the choice, about the purposes., It seems, all within decency and knowledge.

At the end of the first day kindled a fire, drove a round dance around a fire as in ancient times, hundreds of times repeated one and a touch the phrase as a spell: “I believe in myself, I believe in myself, I believe in myself …“. Went barefoot on the burning coals.

If someone in circulation on coals sees something mystical, then I will disappoint, there is nothing mystical. Well, well 700 degrees temperature. But go quickly on coals. Stand on them. Then at the end of a coal footpath there is a wet rag in which you come right after passing of coals. Skin on feet quite dense therefore you do not manage to feel. It as if will touch the boiling teapot, right there to draw aside a finger and to lower in cold water. Even you will not manage to feel what was hot.

Well and already after midnight, practiced yoga. Extensions, exercises in couples, the three - all as at school at physical education classes.

The culmination

at the end of the second day. Called women who have no man …

Well to the stage, type we will struggle with fears. On training everything is came. On coals passed yesterday - overcame fear. Practiced yoga at night - precisely waits for success. And now most important test. Let`s overcome the strongest female fear which can only dream. Like, if to execute this exercise, then everything will go as it is necessary and there will be happiness.

It is necessary on a scene before 150 people in the hall to show the boobs … to

That there began!

At first women refused. Then there were those which all - showed. Like, we get rid of complexes. Then women from the hall, began to step on the stage. And too showed boobs.

All want to get rid of fears, complexes, to marry and so on. There were also married women, their husbands sat in the hall at this time.

Then such moment when stand 50 women on a stage - and all with naked boobs … came

U them ask what you feel now? Some cry, some bear some rubbish, it seems: “I to it went long ago, I want to overcome the fears“. Some of these women - psychologists (could not believe!) and at one of them in the hall sat it 20 - the summer son.


But here such trainings … And here what becomes there. Naked boobs well are on sale.

Such show of course was pleasant to men. :) Many women were not too bad at all …
in general the first 20 - more interestingly, than the last 20-. :) And the last girl who left to prove to be already 4 - y time and did not want to leave a scene caused irritation. Though separate impressive copies were also at the beginning, and at the end. :)) you Watch

at these of beautiful creatures and you think: “With such - that boobs and there is no man? Well precisely something with the head!“

Business - model of trainings following:

network marketing on sale a miracle - juice is Behind training. Juice magic, miracle. Stands up 1500 rub for a liter bottle. :)))) (Usual juice in shop, by the way, costs 10 - 20 times less). Treats burns, girls tell all how it normalized pressure and changed life to the best.

There system of business such that is sold by trainings together with juice … In parallel … And if joined the movement, and you will extend juice too - that trainings for you cheaper. And if you participate in trainings, then juice for you is cheaper.

And if you bring someone on training, then for it pay 500 rub for the person and if also in the movement you consist - that for 1500 for the person.

I that initially knew that I and useful to myself learn nothing new. I wanted to look at it from purely organizing point of view from within.

These trainings collect both in Russia, and in Ukraine on 100 - 300 - 500 people.

There offered me, hinted to be tightened to them as the trainer … Naturally I will not cooperate with them because I do not want to spoil reputation.

the Episode No. 2

I Read to

on some website regalia one business - the trainer.

“Trainer of the NLP, specialist in modeling of genius and system development of the personality.“

(the NLP - the fashionable untwisted piece, well is on sale.)

And here I remember how in University one psychotherapist told us that at it it is several NLP - practicians were treated, and on the verge of madness they had a situation. And strongly to be fond of the NLP did not advise. :)

As they say, be careful! :)