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Choice of profession: About how it is correct to choose a profession of

Forget 10 myths all that you heard about choice of profession before.

Eh! If I met this article when studied at school, a code nobody could is sensible to tell about how to choose a profession!

I welcome you dear readers! This article I open a new heading on the website “abroad“ in which useful knowledge from foreign sources will be published.

This article will be most of all interesting and useful:

- to the school students choosing now the future profession, also

- parents at whom children grow up, and

- to adults who are not satisfied with the profession now.

From myself I will add that you should not consider this article as the ready recipe from all problems. Sometimes so happens that a problem and the reason of difficulties not in the correct or wrong choice of profession, and in other psychological problems. But, it is sure, after its reading, you will have new questions.

So, article.

You think that you know all about how to choose a profession? Many people think what they know as it is correct to choose the business, but they often stop choosing a profession that does not confirm their knowledge. I present to your attention ten myths about choice of profession which knowledge can help you to develop the reasonable decision.

Myth No. 1. To choose a profession - it simply

Surprisingly the choice of profession is difficult process, and you should find for it time which by right is required to it. Planning of career represents multistep process which includes sufficient studying of and occupations which you take into account to make the reasonable decision.

Myth No. 2. The consultant for career guidance can tell me what profession to choose

the Consultant for vocational guidance, or any other specialist in career development, cannot tell you what profession will be the best for you. He or she can provide to you recommendations in choice of profession and can help you will move ahead in decision-making.

Myth No. 3. I cannot earn a living by the hobby

Who told it? At the choice of career it makes sense to choose that sphere which is connected with what you like to do in free time if you want it. Besides, people become very skillful and professional in the hobbies though the majority of skills received informally and easy.

Myth No. 4. I have to choose a kind of activity from The Best Professions list

Every year, especially in rotary years, at the beginning of new decade, the set of articles and books, with the list of the most demanded professions made on the basis of forecasts of experts is published. Nothing prevents you to look at these lists to see whether some profession from them attracts you, but you should not be guided in choice of profession only by this list.

In spite of the fact that forecasts often are based on reliable data, sometimes everything changes cardinally. Very often what is demanded today will not be strongly demanded within several years right after today`s moment.

Besides, you need to take into consideration your interests, values and skills at choice of profession. Only because this or that kind of activity has good prospect, does not follow that this kind of activity suits you.

Myth No. 5. The earning of a large number of money will bring me fortunately

In spite of the fact that the salary is important, it is not the only factor which you have to consider at choice of profession.

Uncountable researches showed that money not necessarily leads to satisfaction from work. For many people to derive pleasure from what they do at work much more important. Nevertheless, you should consider the salary size, among other factors, at a profession assessment.

Myth No. 6. As soon as I choose a profession, I will work hard and I will be stuck in it forever

It`s not true. If you are not satisfied with your profession for any reason, you can always change it. You will consist in good group of people. Many change a kind of activity several times during the life.

Myth No. 7. If I change a profession, then my skills will be gone in vain

your your skills and forever will remain with you. You can take them from one work and apply them on another. It is unlikely you will be able to use them in the same way, but they will not be gone in vain.


of B] Myth No. 8. If my best friend (or the sister, the uncle, or the loved one) is happy in this or that sphere of activity, then and I will be too

All people different, and what works for one person, will not be obligatory to work for another even if that other person will have with you much in common. If someone whom you know has a profession which interests you, study it, glance inside, but keep the fact that it can be not obligatory suitable option for you in attention.

Myth No. 9. All that I have to make is to choose a field of activity … All other by itself will rise on the places

the Choice of profession is the magnificent beginning, a quantum leap, but there is a great lot of other things which need to be done after the choice. The development plan for career is a road map which conducts you from the moment of choice of profession, before formation by the worker in desirable sphere of activity, before achievement of your long-term career goals.

Myth No. 10. It is not enough opportunities to study any field of activity, actually in it without working

In spite of the fact that nothing will replace own experience, there are also other ways to investigate any field of activity. You can read about it or in printing editions, or in online - resources. You can also meet and have a talk with those who work in this field of activity.