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How to grow thin without the exhausting diet?

you want to grow thin, but after long diets usually nevertheless break also nothing, except a stress, at the same time receive? You do not torment the fine organism. To lose weight, it is not obligatory to resort to diets, just begin to control yourself. As it to make

? Follow the easy rules, and at you everything surely will turn out.

1 rule : try not to eat in front of the computer or the TV - it distracts your attention, and you do not notice how you eat more, than want. During meal try to concentrate on what you eat.

2 rule : eat only when you really want it. Itself should not make the schedule of meals, just listen to your organism.

3 rule : eat slowly, allocate enough time for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. Do not snatch a meal and hurrying, pushing in itself sandwich because time draws in.

4 rule : do not jam food the stresses. Very often we eat not from - for the fact that are hungry, and just we try to lighten ourselves mood. I will give an actual example: most of people wait for holidays that it is more and to eat more tasty. And you to it belong? If yes, that it has to be corrected urgently! Learn to enjoy life without piece of cake and a chocolate bar.

5 rule : get enough sleep. As a rule people who sleep less than 9 hours a day gain weight more promptly.

6 rule : clean sweets from a foreground, otherwise you will try to keep step just mechanically with them. Hide them in a locker far away and get only when very much it wants to you. If the acquaintance offered you a candy, think at first whether the truth you want to eat it or you put in a mouth just because that to you was offered.

7 rule : you spend more time in the fresh air - it very much will affect your health and mood which, in turn, will influence also your weight. But if you have no opportunity to walk in the evening in the park, then just try to watch that window leaves were open and you breathed fresh air.

8 rule : try to move more. It does not mean to carry out day and night in gyms and on jogs, no at all. Move to yourself to pleasure: for example, dance to favourite music. Try to walk one stop before work on foot.

If from - for your work or study you have to sit much, periodically rise and carry out a small set of simple exercises. Yes, it is possible, it is difficult to imagine it. To rise at work and to begin to do exercises, but why and is not present? If at you good collective, perhaps, colleagues join your healthy lifestyle, and you together will periodically interrupt work for 5 minutes and to do exercises.

Well and if all is very strict, and you have no such opportunity, just come in a corridor or to the street where nobody will see you. And all - physical exercises - not that occupation which should be hidden from all.

And now analyse the day and try to plan it a little differently. Certainly, thus you will not dump 5 kg in a week, but if it is correct to carry out these rules, then slowly you will begin to lose extra kilos moreover and support vigorous, excellent mood!