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How to wash a thermos?

Convenient piece - a thermos! You want tea take with yourself on fishing, you want - broth. If it is necessary, it is possible in it and to make medicinal herbs, and it is possible to ferment fermented baked milk also. Remarkable piece - a thermos! One is bad - it is difficult to clean it.

The raid from tea or coffee is formed in a thermos flask somehow imperceptibly. Seemingly constantly you wash it, you watch that drinks in it did not stand, and one fine day you notice: the thermos should not just be washed, it is time to clean its. I think, the question of how to wash a thermos, is actual not only for me.

Thermoses happen different: with a glass (mirror) flask and made of a stainless steel. It will be a question of the second. The fact that the dark raid looks not esthetically, is half-troubles, but it demonstrates that on walls of a vessel fossils collected. These remains give to drinks an unpleasant smell and spoil taste. As a result we receive tea with smack coffee or broth with tea aroma. To wash a thermos usual, even means, very effective for other ware, it is impossible. What to do?

Depending on extent of pollution apply various means to cleaning of a thermos, they are sometimes very unusual. When a raid weak, it is possible to try to remove it by means of a usual lemon . It should be cut segments, to lay in a thermos, to fill in with boiled water and to leave for the night. In the morning just rinse a thermos. Together with a raid also the unpleasant smell will leave.

The following means for stronger pollution. We need usual baking soda and pearl barley . Grain (approximately a half-glass) is filled up in a thermos, add several spoons of soda, fill in all this with boiled water (a half of volume of a thermos), closed a cover and intensively stir up a thermos. Grain is used not as a cleaner here, and it is rather as a scouring sponge.

If these two ways did not yield any results and the question of how to wash a thermos, still is on the agenda, then it is possible to try also stronger means - of the cook - Coca . Before filling in “Coca“ in a thermos, drink should be heated well, that is to bring almost to boiling. If near at hand there is no “Coca“, will approach also “forfeit“. As usual, we leave all this for the night, densely it is not necessary to close a cover. I do not know, there will be a result for you pleasant or will set thinking on what we drink, but the thermos has to be cleared.

Happens that even this means does not work, then it is necessary to apply the last checked way of washing of a thermos. For this purpose we need to liquid ammonia . In a stopper of a plastic bottle it is necessary to do four openings through which it is necessary to pass threads. It is necessary in order that the stopper with the liquid ammonia poured in it could be lowered accurately on a thermos bottom, and then also accurately to get. The thermos is covered (without twisting) a cover and we leave for the night. We get a stopper in the morning and we wash a thermos with any detergent. By the way, the pialka with sal ammoniac can be put in an oven, and everything that you could not wash any washing before and cleaners, will easily be removed a sponge touch.

Of course, a thermos it is better to wash at once as soon as you returned from picnic, walks, fishing or a campaign, but also it does not guarantee that through any time you will not find an unpleasant dark raid on its walls. Though now when you know how to wash a thermos, it is not terrible.