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How to store winter grades of apples?

Everyone who has a site, knows that to grow up a harvest is only a half of business. All collected should be kept somehow. Recommendations which experts, of course, correct make, but they are often inapplicable in actual practice.

It is possible, I am very irresponsible summer resident because, reading councils how to store winter grades of apples, I foreknow that I will not follow them. I do not represent how it is possible to provide to different grades temperature, optimum for each of them, and humidity, namely experts recommend to do it. I have a cellar and a cellar, they are not equipped with humidity sensors, thermometers and devices for maintenance of a microclimate, in them - usual (not automatic) system of ventilation. I am sure that at most of gardeners a situation similar. The theory, it, of course, is good, but it is necessary to proceed from the available conditions. I store apples in the cellar, buried - for potato.

Temperature in my cellar fluctuates slightly. In the winter differences in one - two degrees are possible (+5 - +7 ) that is already good as for storage of apples one of the main conditions is lack of temperature jumps. In practice it means the following: put fruit on storage to the cellar, you do not bring them to the house even to touch. You carry out all works only in the cellar. And it is necessary to touch apples during the whole winter. As soon as noticed what some begins to spoil, at once delete it from a box, but it then for now it is necessary to prepare a container, to gather apples, to sort them and to shift some material.

As a container wooden, plywood and plastic boxes are used. If it is not enough place in the cellar, then convenient boxes will solve this problem with high face racks. Such container is convenient that it can be put at each other without risk to damage fruits. To use small boxes more conveniently, and more effectively. They can be lifted and rearranged easily from place to place, in them it is possible to spread out apples all in couple of layers, therefore, the top ranks will not press the weight on lower.

Timely harvesting is also important, as well as knowledge of how to store winter grades of apples. If you collect fruits ahead of time, apples will not manage to gain taste if later - long are not stored. A sign that time to reap a crop came is that under a tree you begin to notice healthy fruits. The fruit stem of apples, ripe, ready to storage, easily separates from a branch, and apple externally answers all high-quality signs. The ripened fruit is covered with a protective film. When harvesting it is necessary to take all measures in order that not to damage it. Fabric gloves, collecting manually (without use of plodosjemnik), accuracy is what will help to keep a harvest as long as possible.

Gathering apples, we always try to sort them at once, that is directly in a garden. We postpone those that will go for processing in a separate container, large - in cardboard boxes (they the first will go to a table), and here fruits of the average sizes are just what best of all is suitable for storage. It is not necessary to mix grades, they, though winter, but are stored differently - one better, others it is worse therefore: to each grade - the container!

There are several ways of how to store winter grades of apples. They are poured sawdust and shaving, shifted hay and straw, dug in in sand and turned in newspapers. I also use the last way. Accurately I wrap each apple in the newspaper and I stack in a box. In this way there is one essential shortcoming - difficultly to reject the spoiled fruits therefore with a present harvest I decided to make experiment, namely, I will try to spread out part of apples on plastic bags.

Before a bookmark in a plastic bag at first it is necessary to mature apples at least week where you will store them, differently at difference of temperatures in a package condensate is formed, and it means - to lose a harvest. Packages have to be strong and transparent (that it was possible to see a condition of apples). In each package stack no more than two kilograms. It is better to store them in a hover.

I got five remarkable apple-trees in inheritance from former owners of a site. Until recently I did not know at all what grades are, nevertheless, apples managed to be kept up to May. I hope, with a new way they will be stored not worse, but to put big party in packages I everything - will beware so far.