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How to rejuvenate skin of hands?

our toilers This expression most of all suits our handles. They both clean, and write, and erase, and prepare, and saw, and carry Well, it is difficult to imagine business which can be executed without them, well unless it is possible to talk without them and that is emotional people cannot talk without gesticulation by hands Quite often we them use

, and we look after only when there are some visible problems or when the question how to rejuvenate skin of hands, becomes actual. And it is far easier to preserve and protect skin of hands, than then to treat it and to restore. To protect hands from harmful effects of environment (for example, when cleaning), it is necessary to use protective gloves . This best protectant and during the work with the earth.

Regular use of creams promotes that skin of hands remained soft and elastic longer. It is necessary to use cream after each washing and it is obligatory before going to bed. Many of us got used to rub in skin cream the movements as though we soap hands. It is not absolutely correct. Cream should be rubbed, beginning from finger-tips, smoothly moving to a wrist.

The easiest way to rejuvenate skin of hands and to get rid of wounds and dryness - to use a brine from sauerkraut . As sauerkraut is at us almost national dish, is not difficult to find it at all and it is possible to prepare independently. Heat a brine from sauerkraut to temperature in which it is comfortable to keep hands. Lower handles in liquid for 15 minutes. If on hands there are small cracks or cuts, then at first you will feel an easy poshchipyvaniye. And by the end of procedure the poshchipyvaniye will be already pleasant But thanks to the vitamin C which is in cabbage sheets, handles will become smooth as at the baby, and acid will successfully finish with all microbes and bacteria

Fine means for rejuvenation of skin of hands are paraffin trays . For some reason very few people use this checked way of rejuvenation of hands. And in order that handles were beautiful and did not give your age, it is necessary to do paraffin trays at least, than once a week. Do not forget that the paraffin removed from skin is an expendable material and it is impossible to use its second time.

In order that handles were young people both in 20, and in 30, and in 60, mix a crude yolk of egg and a spoon of honey . Rub mix in skin of hands. Use this means regularly. You want fast effect? Apply on skin of hands yogurt without additives and sugar, leave on skin for 3 minutes, wash away at first warm, and then cold water. Get wet with a napkin or a towel dry.

Than the means prepared in house conditions are good? The fact that you can be absolutely sure that in them there are no chemical additives, and ingredients fresh and do not contain preservatives and dyes.

To rejuvenate skin of hands, not enough hygienic procedures. It is impossible to forget also about such useful action as gymnastics . And exercises for hands can be carried out in any place and at any time. Exercise on tightening of fists is useful. It is possible to carry out it differently - you want, clench both fists at the same time, and you want - in turn.

Having executed this exercise of 20 times on each hand, lean palms against a table (or other plain firm surface). Without tearing off a palm from a surface, raise fingers up as far as it is possible. At first tear off from a table all fingers at the same time, and then each finger serially.

Carry out this exercise every time when you have a free minute Also you will have healthy hands and elastic skin.