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How to choose a mask for swimming?

the Question how to choose a mask for swimming us concerned every spring before the forthcoming beach season. The matter is that all our family (except me) - fans to dive yes to admire the underwater world. And every year we bought new masks because they did not live up to the second season. Yes, however, and the first season they misted over, proceeded, well, were not ideal.

At first we paid attention to the cheapest options in the markets. They looked, I will tell you, from far away well, and it is close absolutely ugly. We somehow did not think that low-quality material can be also unhealthy. Well, nevertheless buy, we thought. When after the first immersion at the daughter specks on a face began to appear, we too did not pay at once attention. The alarm was sounded when these specks by the evening turned into the reddened swelled oval located strictly where since morning there was a mask for swimming …

Having thrown out market option from the unknown producer, we went to expensive sports shop. There we got the most beautiful set for the daughter, by her order kislotno - lime color. Ourselves very much liked this set of a mask with a tube because whatever muddy was water, we saw the daughter without problems … In spite of the fact that the set was not from cheap, the mask proceeded, than we were very upset. When the set left in the winter in a summer kitchen was actively gnawed by mice, we very much were delighted and went for a new mask for swimming.

Having come into shop, we saw a set of masks, rubber and silicone. The first thought was to buy an inexpensive rubber mask … What difference if both expensive silicone models, and cheap rubber options proceed … Nevertheless we stopped the choice on silicone color models. And here the professional approached us. Thank him for it. The first that he explained to us is that color silicone can distract attention to itself, and transparent models have bigger viewing angle. To beginners - fans he advised transparent modelka.

The consultant advised to take the father a mask with lenses for correction of sight, that is, with dioptries. It appears, there are also such models, they are let out only by large producers, and they cost rather much. As the father has not really good sight, we decided to be spent that he could enjoy all beauty of an underwater kingdom.

Besides as we were told by the seller, for each face type there is the form of a mask. That is, it is necessary to select not for the principle of only one appeal of a face pack. It should be brought to the person, densely to it to press and make a deep breath a nose. Then try to unmask a face. If it disappears easily, so the mask does not suit you, it will leak somewhere. That mask which completely suits you as if will stick to your person … Having tried on about ten masks, we at last found those options which completely suited us and by the form, and at the price, and they sat down on the person as “family“.

Now, on the advice of the consultant, we will buy masks only with fitting because we were taught how to choose a mask for swimming. By the way, the daughter swam in the mask all summer, it leaked only at the moment when the daughter began to laugh because the mask moved from the place. The father managed to experiment only month, but his mask proved to be remarkably too. Other family members did not buy a mask so far, all ahead. But we will choose as we were taught...