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How it is correct to conduct conversation? If you want

that conversation with object of your interest took place up to standard, it is necessary to consider the following psychological features of the person:

- any person needs positive emotions;

- the feeling of own importance is pleasant to any person, and he is glad to hear confirmation to it;

- any person is flattered by approval and praises in its address;

- any person likes to speak about the hobby;

- any person likes to speak about of what he is proud;

- any person likes to speak about in what he achieved any success.

Therefore in any conversation with the person who is interesting to you: - find

and emphasize something the general between you;

- pay it a compliment;

- show the interest in the subjects concerning it;

- your voice has to be pleasant and correspond to a mimicry and gestures;

- your voice has to be rather emotional;

- avoid a monotonous voice;

- avoid too fast or slowed-down speech;

- be able to listen, do not interrupt the interlocutor;

- ask the specifying questions;

- react on told by the approving, delighted exclamations, all your look showing extreme interest a topic of conversation;

- accompany hearing with an attentive pose, head nods, a mimicry.

And now we will pass to so-called “technical parameters“ of conversation.

The communication distance during conversation has to be:

- for intimate conversation - to 0,5 meters;
- for friendly conversation - from 0,5 to 1,2 meters;
- for conversation with the unfamiliar person - from 1 to 3 meters.

Women choose for communication closer distance, men - far away.

The best contact between interlocutors and easier communication turns out when they sit next not and not opposite to each other, and it is a little at an angle to each other. At the same time under the greatest psychological influence there will be the one who sits to the right of you.

It is not necessary to cross hands on a breast and to cross the legs as these closed poses interfere with confidential conversation.

It is also not necessary to collapse in a chair and to shower hands for the head. It is better to accept a free, easy pose of attention.

Gestures have to be open. It is necessary to gesticulate around a belt open palms towards the interlocutor. Palms should not be squeezed in fists.

If you want to be pleasant to the interlocutor, then when you speak, look to him in the left face. But no more than 10 seconds at easy conversation. More long look unblinking eyes can enter your partner into an easy trance.

Especially effectively for love involvement of the partner to combine a long look in eyes (more than 10 seconds) with a so-called sexual look - below a chin, to breast level.

Remember that at the subconscious level the look is from top to down perceived as the look subordinating, the leader`s look. To the contrary, the look from below up is a look of submission, shyness.

When pronouncing more significant phrases or the final phrase you look in the face to your interlocutor, it will scar his subconsciousness.

If you follow these recommendations, then and you, and your interlocutor will be happy with pleasant communication.