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The alphabet of the investor

In real life many people have moments when they in hands have a decent sum of money, for example: inheritance or accumulation, and also an award or money from sale of any property. And then there is quite natural question - how to preserve these means, and it is even better - to receive from them the decent income. Here about it I would like to talk to you today. Where to make the investments then to gain decent income for normal and comfortable life.

Typical mistakes of the beginning investors.

Millions of people earn from securities markets, stock markets worldwide, and also in the Forex market. Therefore I want to offer you, dear friends to try as the investor of stock market or the trader in the Forex market. To begin to work at the financial market, at first it is necessary to be registered in date the center. Also there is an interesting partner program about which I wrote in the post “The partner Forex4You program. org “. That`s all, as you can see there is nothing difficult. It is registered, it is possible to get to work. However before it is necessary to dwell upon some technical features of Forex. Therefore what at the very beginning of your way to top of the financial independence you would have no whole mountain of absolute obstacles, would be desirable to offer me to you, dear friends the cool multimedia training videocourse known Mikhail Lesnykh`s trader“ the LAZY TRADER “.

But to you it is not necessary to relax, the world of finance does not love illiterate and rash decisions. What more at you will be information and understanding as the financial markets work, the it is more than chances not to make mistakes. And mistakes at the beginning investors, almost identical, also look approximately so:
Stubborn deduction of positions when losses are very small and seem accepted.
Aspiration to make fast and easy money.
Non-use of schedules and fear to take shares which come to the new high level of the price.
Excessive concern about taxes and commission charges.
the Biassed view of the stocks
needs to differentiate the portfolio of securities.
Fixing of small, fast profit and deduction of unprofitable positions;
needs to reduce losses and to give profits more time to grow.
Inability to create own opinion at decision-making.

Of course, it is impossible to achieve success, having never stumbled, but knowledge of typical mistakes of young, inexperienced investors, and also a videocourse “ LAZY Trader “ will help you, friends to make this way less thorny.