Rus Articles Journal


B that autumn
Warm day.
Came on a visit
the Friend Evgen.
*** Tea with candies drank
On the Internet wandered.
A followed then the friend,
of Potusit to the girlfriends.
*** Were spudded by
With a laughter, fun, a mat,
to Vanka in a hut.
Long, long called him,
What it would go together with us.
*** stirred
U, tried to persuade,
of the Leg Dashingly took in hands,
of B “ coffee - klab “ we jumped
When we came there,
Yulka was one there …
We not long there stood, the Place quickly we found
All seated at a table,
Prepared for fun … Yulka circles dragged
to us poured Coffee there …
A Marina came then,
Akhkh … a beautiful divchina …
Thought it only 16 … it was
… mm … 18)))
Then a competition was cheerful,
Where participated also I,
All wound with paper,
From the top to a floor’ …))
Is a pity in that competition did not win,
the Prize was very solid …
Even a bar « there; a snickers - sn “ …
“ Eat and satisfy hunger “ …
After a competition from Marinkaya,
Was photographed I with it in an embrace …
So liked it,
I is crazy About it …
A then there passed fun,
Everything gathered on houses …
Ya Number wanted to ask Marinka her mobile phone …
…))) ***
But it I did not find
I longing home went …
Exactly in 2 weeks,
We went again there,
to Have fun to late …
Tam met I to Marin
This strange divchina … by
K it I rub approached again,
I in a storonushka took away …
Tam I with it talked,
Number took and left …)))
Then a competition was cheerful,
Where participated also I,
the Essence of which was,
of the Chinese and food …
the Competition that I quickly won,
Because with skill,
Crackers was enough I dexterously …
I swallowed them without chewing,
And I won all of them …)))
A then there passed fun,
Dispersed all on houses …
I with this Marina,
C of this mountain divchiny since then …
Ya I communicate as friends,
What I am happy very much … with
That`s all, now who listened to the end,
A well done!!!