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And whether you know? To 220 - to the anniversary of the White House

to the White House exactly 220 years were executed on October 13, 2012. Then, in 1792, this day during a ceremony the cornerstone in a subfoundation of the building which is a symbol of the USA for people of the whole world now was put.

Since then this building both burned, and was exposed to attacks, and almost to the basis was remade, and duplicated. At the same time the White House throughout almost all history of the country is as if the passing banner - the residence for U.S. Presidents. He is known enough, however some pages of its history are not read by general public yet. So, and whether you know that …

that for the residence of the head of state other White House, absolutely in other city was constructed in the beginning. Yes! Once the city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania was considered as the capital of the USA, and George Washington was the president of the country. At the same time the authorities of Philadelphia did not wish that the president lived in any other city, and in 1790 put and soon built the own presidential palace. However George Washington refused to lodge in him and modestly lived in Pennsylvania absolutely to other address. And that palace also nowadays is in two quarters from the State center of the constitution of the USA.

that stubborn George Washington so never also lived in Washington (so called the city during lifetime of the president) in the White House. He died in 1799, exactly in a year before John Adams became the first U.S. President with the residence in the Washington White House.

that from that White in general little stayed at home today: in 1814 British burned the building of the White House after in 1813 troops of the USA singed the Canadian parliament (ardent hi, alaverda!) . Then it was succeeded to rescue the well-known portrait of George Washington of work of a brush of Dzhilbert Stewart and only the part of an exterior of an external wall of the building remained. Only.

that there was also the second fire in the White House: in Christmas night 1929 in Herbert Hoover`s government in one of flues soot directly in the middle of a party on the occasion of a holiday lit up. The western wing and the Oval office flashed. Hoover personally rushed to extinguish the fire, behind it Ulysses Grant the Third, the mayor got into fire. Hoover rushed into the burning Oval office to rescue confidential papers, but by force was pulled out by agents of confidential safety from there.

that once in 1917 the movement “Okkupay DB!“ began and the whole two years the building was picketed … by women. Feminists (or as they were called then - suffragettes) under the leadership of Alice Paul blocked the residence tents. Women, despite 200 arrests, with firmness fought for the rights of equal vote. The president Woodrow Wilson was forced to adopt the 19th amendment to the Constitution of the USA as a result of a ladies` siege. Hurrah!

that the person who created the well-known western wing of the White House - Teddie Roosevelt. The wing was expanded at William Taff and Frenklin Delano Roosevelt, but Teddie`s bear cub was that who for the first time built up this wing. Ideas of the plan were born as early as years for hundred in the head of Thomas Jefferson before, but then there were not buildings, but unfinished constructions. Theodor Roosevelt managed to finish unfinished construction and attached temporary Office to the building of the White House the known kolonnadny gallery. And the president Taff added the Oval office to the western wing. Here so, step by step, there was an image of the modern White House.

that in three years after the end of World War II, in 1948, the White House was sentenced to demolition. According to a verdict of experts, the building threatened to collapse from - for age. The president Harry Truman was urgently moved to Blair`s House. However the budget of the country had no money for full demolition and construction of the new residence: the building was put on capital repairs, strengthened the bearing designs - and in 1952 in four years overhaul was finished completely.

that one and a half thousand assaults were committed against residences of U.S. Presidents! While the same Truman lived in Blair`s House, two Puerto-Ricans tried to storm the residence with the purpose to kill the president. That slept peacefully when they attacked the house. Firefight of protection and bandits lasted 38 seconds. One robber was shot down, from protection one officer got mortal wounds. Obviously, robbers considered that Blair`s House as the temporary place of residence of the head of state will be protected less fixedly. The officer whom the bandit put during firing was in 30 feet from a door of a bedroom of Truman, and Truman was saved from a bullet because in time jumped aside to a window just in a second when the forward was struck on the spot.

that you can quite buy the White House of all for 4 million US dollars. It is still offered for sale. The sum can seem high, however actually the cost of the copy of the house is just toy as the price of the real White House in the market of real estate equals to nearly 300 million dollars. So go to the city McLean in the State of Virginia and bargain. (In Chicago the blue copy is on sale for one million. And all in the world there are 10 copies of the White House.)

The area of a remark of the White House - 14 thousand square feet (in comparison with 55 thousand of the present). You will like to sit in the Oval office in a floor - the size from original and to roll about in Abraham Lincoln`s bedroom. Authors of a remark constructed and arranged the copy precisely according to drawings of the real White House. Everything that is required to you, so is the personal helicopter and a couple of doggies. So to Virginia!

that that cornerstone which I mentioned in the first lines of article disappeared! And history here what: near that place where the foundation for the White House was laid, in a vegetable marrow the group of frimason - builders gathered. There was a business - strong drank. On the next toast they painted a mortgage stone as it is necessary, Masonic inscriptions and solemn in single file went to assign it to the base of the first residence of U.S. Presidents. The stone was put and went to finish drinking the solemn moment. On the 16th toast they forgot where exactly they put a stone, and therefore could not leave distinct record for history. As the president Truman tried to find a cornerstone during overhaul of the building, but, to see, frimasona really then strong drank. Though, on one of versions, a stone everything is is based somewhere between two walls in the Rosary. Now nobody will get to the bottom of the truth.

Looking at so mansion familiar to everyone on “Pennsylvania Avenue, 16“, somehow you forget that for some American family it is only the usual house where residents, waking up in the morning, run on the affairs in a toilet, take a shower, brush teeth, have breakfast, drink drugs, scratch a dog, pristrunivat children, pokhrapyvat in a dream, do love, sneeze, read books …

the House - history of the country, its symbol, and term or two in it is necessary people to live in the same way as also we live, mere mortals. Only with that difference that there live these people as in a glass aquarium, on a look, with restriction in personal a prayvesa, with “do not can“ to jump to the child on a bed where Lincoln slept, to leave to a favourite dog a pool in the Oval office, to quarrel in a voice with a ware beating with the crowned husband - discipline, self-checking, self-restrictions and always a direct back … is heavy you, Monomakh`s cap.

And here still the cornerstone was touched somewhere, it be wrong! Well on the place in this house you will find nothing!