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What documents need to be shown at employment? At employment from us certain documents demand to show

. Part of them all employers demand, the part varies. And what actually the candidate for workers has to show without fail? The labor legislation defined what documents the employer has the right to demand.

So, at an execution of an employment agreement you have to show:

Passport or other identity document. All citizens of Russia who reached 14 years are obliged to have the passport. The passport with the expired validity period is considered invalid, and has the right to refuse to you employment. For registration of the new passport the temporary identity card which can be shown at employment too is issued.

At the Russian citizen can not be the all-civil passport in case the place of his full-time residence is other state, and the citizen left Russia before achievement of age of 14 years. The international passport will be the identity document of such citizen before obtaining the all-civil passport by it. Employers, however, try not to employ the persons having only the international passport as it is accompanied by tax, financial, administrative and other risks. The person till 14 years is obliged to show the birth certificate. The foreign citizen shows to the employer the passport confirming nationality of other state, permission to temporary residence or residence permit.

Service record . It does not need to be shown if you go to work: 1) for the first time (then the service record to you will be got by the employer); 2) on the terms of combining jobs. If the service record is lost or damaged, the employer cannot refuse to you employment, but in your interests to restore it.

Insurance evidence of the state pension insurance . In the people it is called differently: “plastic card“, “the pension certificate“, “Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account“, etc. It does not need to be shown if: 1) you go to work for the first time (registration of the certificate is the employer`s duty); 2) the certificate is lost or damaged.

Documents of the military account (for the persons liable for call-up and persons who are subject to military draft).

the Document on education , about qualification or existence of special knowledge (at revenues to the work demanding special knowledge or special preparation). As a rule, for replacement of a concrete position in qualification requirements education level is defined. So, the position of the clerk requires primary professional education, for a position of the real estate agent - secondary professional education, and the chief accountant - the highest professional. It is possible to confirm education level with the diploma of the state or established sample. The driver`s license, the certificate of the pilot, navigator, the certificate of competency of the crew member of the inland vessel, etc. of

  belong to other documents confirming existence of special knowledge; the Certificate of existence (absence) of a criminal record and (or) the fact of criminal prosecution or about the termination of criminal prosecution on the rehabilitating bases. The persons which are carrying out pedagogical activity have to show such reference; the persons which are carrying out activity with participation of minors; aviation personnel; staff of bodies of federal security service; bailiffs; customs officers; employees of the clearing organizations; prosecutors; the persons ensuring safety of objects toplivno - a power complex; the persons ensuring transport safety, and some other categories of workers. For obtaining the reference it is necessary to address to territorial authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia at the regional level and to show the statement, the passport and copies of all of its completed pages.

If the minor, then, besides the specified documents goes to work, he provides the medical certificate about a state of health. If the minor is from 15 to 16 years old, he has to provide the document confirming development of the main general education program of the general education on other, than internal, form of education or the document confirming leaving of educational institution before receiving the general education. The minor aged from 14 till 16 years provides the document confirming a consent of one of parents (trustee) to an execution of an employment agreement; written consent of body of guardianship and guardianship; the document from educational institution with the indication of the mode of training. The persons which did not reach 14 - summer age, are obliged to provide to the employer the written consent to its employment of one of parents (trustee); permission of body of guardianship and guardianship where period of operation and other conditions has to be specified.

The duty to provide the autobiography, the questionnaire, the certificate of the income, property and obligations of property character, and also of the income of the spouse (a) and minor children can be provided by laws and other regulations.

If the law did not provide a duty to submit to the employer any documents (for example, the certificate on assignment of INN, the document on registration in the place of residence or stay), the requirement of the last to show them at an execution of an employment agreement is illegal.

I want to pay your attention that to show documents and their copies you have to only in case you are with guarantee hired, and you already sign the employment contract. On interviews, “trial“ tests, etc. you are not obliged to acquaint the potential employer with the documents at all. Eventually it is your personal information, and you have the right not to open them the stranger according to the first requirement.