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How Butusov wrote songs about a sphere of color khaki, the anonymous river, Heloise, Nastasia and one more girl?

Today we will continue conversation on the hits written by Vyacheslav Butusov samolichno - that is, without the aid of Kormiltsev and other involved poets.

“the Sphere of Colour of Haggui“ (1986)

In spite of the fact that the song better known, as “March - march left!“, quite fitted into a traditional context of anti-war songs, in reorganization listeners carried its text more to the Soviet army, than foreign soldiery. Then, just with might and main wrote about horrors of “hazing“, about “wrong“ war in Afghanistan and so on. Generally the army suddenly became extremely unpopular.

V. Butusov: “The song “sphere of color khaki“ was written to
in the panic horror caused by an opportunity to get on service to army“.
Here in a lyrics Butusov`s hand is visible to

well - with his indistinct images and some koryavost it seems “I see color, / But I was not here...“ . What was meant by the author, not clearly, but in army he was not precisely because students of Sverdlovsk architectural institute were sent only to military collecting. Though on military collecting it was possible to understand that “March - march left!“ happens, and “March - march right!“ never order.

During the first tours of NAUTILUSA in Leningrad in 1987 to this song there was an entertaining history. As it quite often happened to Butusov, after the first couplet he forgot words at all. When it became clear to it “A sphere of color khaki“ he will not finish singing, Vyacheslav approached the microphone and laconically told: “It is impossible further“. The inflamed brain of listeners already itself finished drawing terrible illegality of the forgotten text, and NAUTILUS was become heroes of the day.
Well and in end one more ridiculous history.

V. Butusov:
“To our companion and the sound technician Andrey Makarov there arrived on a visit a friend from Georgia. Among an other food there was also an exotic chacha. We used it and went to scheduled “festival“. There we acted, having executed including the song “Sphere of Colour Khaki“. Andrey the impressionable friend put
near the panel and after a concert told us that that fell asleep long before our performance. In the evening we renewed an entertainment chacha and with malicious intention asked the slept-off guest, say, what song most of all was pleasant to it what genatsval answered: - That where you asked - “Oils with bread!““.

By the way if the song “Pea Grains“ was influenced by STRAY CATS, then many see echoes of the song “I Don` of Mind in music of the song “Sphere of Colour of Haggui““ SLADE groups.

“on the bank of the Anonymous River“ (1991)

at the end of 1988 “gold structure“ of NAUTILUSA broke up. Glory it was not ready to that unhealthy glory which fell down collective. However attempts to resume cooperation with the old friend and one of founders of NAUTILUSA - Dmitry Umetsky - terminated in failure.
B 1990 - m Butusov moves to Leningrad, recruits Petersburg musicians and creates new structure of NAUTILUSA with more tough guitar music. The first albums of new NAUTILUSA left philosophical and gloomy.

Against this material bright “spot of sunlight“ selects the remarkable song “On the bank of the Anonymous River“ - so light and joyful that when I scroll it at myself in the head, I am constantly covered by a wave of some happiness.

The text did not shine with any revelations, but did not spoil the song at all. Write that Butusov brought sketches of “River“ to musicians and asked to make it “the tropical, warm song“. As in those days the population sounds of “Lambada“ still excited, the song was given such sound “Latino“. Fine guitar parties were written and executed by Alexander Belyaev (ex-the TV). And on the song the simple, but memorable clip where children danced a samba was shot.

“To Heloise“ (1994)

In spite of the fact that the first two albums of the updated NAU (especially “Been born this night“) were good, popularity of group renewed only with an exit of an album “Titanic“. The songs written by Butusov “completely“ on a disk was only two - muffled and tiresome “Animal“ and graceful piano a retro - stylization “To Heloise“ - sending us the first steps to Beethoven`s composition “To Elisa“.

First to the song the video clip in style such plasticine “the cartoon - the thriller“ when “a form in itself infantile, and music as if menacing“ was planned . The idea was so not realized. But the final version of a song lost the whole couplet which was thrown out at the rate on the video clip. There is a gone text:

“stand stand stand forever I will never have
children at you
and in hands at them of a saber and curve knives
of their eye are so similar to your and my
alas, my angel!“

Unrealized also. It had to proorat against a song some curses in German. However at that time Gleb stayed in melancholy and curses left unconvincing. They were moved away too.

“Nastasia“ (2000)

B 1997 of NAUTILUS collapsed the second time - in this case irrevocably. Butusov, trying to leave from persuasive image of group, tested in the most risky projects - wrote down an absurdist album “Illegitimate“ with Kasparyan, wrote an interesting album “Ovals“ on the basis of children`s folklore. However listeners of any special delights did not state. So far in 2000 Butusov did not let out in cooperation with DEADUShKI collective (the former participants of STRANGE GAMES and the AVIA) a disk with the mysterious name “Elizobarra - Torr“.

Unusual and modern electronic arrangements of DEADUShEK recovered a sound of songs of Butusov, and the people it estimated. Unforgettable “Nastasia“ which “fell in love with itself“ became the most penetrative hit of an album, of course.
added Fuel to the fire also the clip which was staged by the famous actor Bashirov and itself played in it a leading role, having appeared in image … Nastassja - the transvestite!

It is amusing that first on this song sustained in stylistics of chastushkas, any special plans were not made. However DEADUShKI worked on it so long and carefully that as a result it became clear - here it is a hit for a single!
It is known that texts Butusov writes generally intuitively and vaguely therefore questions: “What did you want to tell these?“ usually nonplus him. But, having thought, he told that “Nastasia“ the song absolutely gloomy as narrates about a hard lot of the Russian woman.

V. Butusov, 2001: “The song tells
about that, how resolutely and convincingly Russian woman meets misfortunes. That it is necessary to observe the sensitivity defined in relation to women, despite their difficult situation in this opus. And just the female image is very touching there, and we undertook all the rest. And has to be in life. Men have to undertake all responsibility, all muck“.
11 years Later it already told to

something another:

V. Butusov, 2012:
“(It) rather a grotesque, a lampoon, a collective portrait of the unripe woman not capable owing to spiritual backwardness to love is. This condition of causeless concern, uncertainty is familiar to all of us“.
“The girl on the city“ (2004)

the Present stage of creativity of Butusov is inseparably linked

with group Yu - ST. PETERSBURG where Vyacheslav`s workmate is Yury Kasparyan, the former guitarist of CINEMA. Of course, former popularity of NAUTILUSA Yu - to ST. PETERSBURG is hardly allowed to reach and texts of group in a type of absence of the personality like Kormiltsev are usually perceived is minor. Nevertheless songs appear quite nice. Let`s say I periodically listen to an album “Biografika“ though he does not shine with any musical revelations at all.

However, from it I listen to one song seldom because it was fairly jammed by radio stations - too well fitted into a format. Butusov was even annoyed that from - for songs “The Girl on the City“ did not notice others - more important - songs of an album.

By recognition of the author, this song - revival of reminiscence of how he for the first time arrived to St. Petersburg.

V. Butusov:
“It, all blossomed, some girls walked in white blouses. As a result there was a song - a santiment. And the musical basis was grotesque, exaggerated, annoying - the successful sketch turned out. But in firm of a gramophone recording it was turned into the narrow-minded song. Involved the producer... Though at the beginning the song had a punk and poisonous sound“.

Well, we will wish to Vyacheslav Butusov success in realization of creative plans... All - its melodism and a melancholic note concern and hearts and out of any social contexts and radio formats will concern.