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How songs about Goode - Bai - America, snow wolves and pea grains were written? To birthday of Vyacheslav Butusov of

on October 15, 2012 the age of the former captain of NAUTILUSA and the current leader Yu - PETER passes for a fifty-kopeck piece. And once Vyacheslav Butusov`s songs were considered as anthems of youth and seemed scary actual... I already wrote

O of some of these songs, but then I concerned only the hits written together with the poet Ilyyoy Kormiltsev. However Butusov wrote some songs completely itself, and among them there are a lot of known too.

“Last Letter“ (1985)

the First large hit of NAUTILUS of the POMPILIUS became the song which all usually call “A buzzing - Bai, America“. First it entered the first more - less distinct album of Nevidimka group. However most of the people the Prince Tishin“ knows it 1988 on a plate “, and at acquaintance to the first version steadily is surprised - where the well-known party of a saxophone - the main highlight of a song?

The matter is that the saxophonist Alexey Mogilevsky in group appeared a bit later, but, in my opinion, he brought many songs of group to the necessary hitovost level. Not an exception and “A buzzing - Bai, America“ which especially effectively looked on concert performances. Usually it finished the program, and in final loss musicians serially left a scene. At the end on a scene there was one Mogilevsky, and his lonely saxophonic party hung air of beautiful kody.

It is amusing that on an album “Invisible being“ “A buzzing - Bai, America“ got incidentally. Everything conceived already was written down, but the album seemed to musicians too short.

V. Butusov:
“I had a sketch which I wanted to make in raggae style - it was fashionable then. Wanted, but could not: time was not. And here took Yamaha PS - 55 - was at us such keyboard, in it already rhythmic effects, sounds everyones were put. You cut, and there at once everything plays, and you can correct nothing, a nicha. We cut this to a point, and we think, in as abruptly - everything plays as in a street organ. And I under this to a point wrote down a vocal. The vocal was necessary to write down houses, at night, having hung around a blanket and clothes for sound insulation“.
“the Prince Tishin“ we can see

On a plate envelope in coauthors of the text and the bass player of group - Dmitry Umetsky. That he added also in without that the artless and short text, still unclear.
the Text was artless, but is very indicative. Then - in 1980 - x years - the majority of the Soviet youth perceived the USA as certain “Rio - - Zhaneyro“ Ostap Bender - the wonderful paradise full of bright paints where “all walk in white trousers“. The words “Meid Ying Yu - Es - HEY“ sounded not less attractively, than sounds western fate - music. On these moods Butusov`s song perfectly laid down, and became a big hit. Though the author wrote it in more romantic key.

V. Butusov:
“I had a feeling such: for those times I perceived America as a legend as some myth. The myth which ourselves to ourselves also thought up because really we did not imagine that there. I with America had such associations: Goyko Mitich as Indian, Fenimore Cooper, and so on … And I wrote on behalf of the person who said goodbye to the childhood, he went to independent swimming. I then left from parents. I was 20 years old …
Tam, in my opinion, is felt that the person was trapped so he - sang that under a karaoke. We seriously did not treat this song, and listeners for some reason on the contrary belonged seriously. Our sound technicians of that time, inquisitive such, listened and told: “Oh, well the hit will be“.... For me success of this composition - a riddle to this day“.

during tours in Finland in 1988 the song was even translated into English, however Butusov managed to sing it so that Finns of transition from Russian into English did not even notice.
B was written to 2000, probably, the most ridiculous and touching version “Buzzing - Bai, America“ for to / f “the Brother - 2“ where it was executed thin golosochka by children`s chorus.
And a line “Where I will never be“ were hasty. Butusov visited the USA, and more than once.

“Snow Wolves“ (1986)

the Name of Nastya Poleva ours fate - to music lovers has to be known to

well though her refined music especially did not enjoy mass national love. At the same time one of the most popular songs of the singer were written in a beginning of the career by Butusov. It and “Klipso - Calypso“ on Kormiltsev`s verses, and especially “Snow Wolves“ which Butusov wrote fighting fate completely as a gift - the girlfriend.

In this bewitching ballad - a horror film about the demonic white wolves who surrounded the house, the fragile voice of Nastya sounds especially advantageously. The text was slightly clumsy, but in general is quite good. The only thing that in it confused me - so it is unclear “fluent rumors“. Only later time I learned that pound or a consent are kinds of the separate religious directions at the Russian Old Believers. Probably, for musicians from the Urals where in due time Old Believers also ran, this word was not in wonder.

Nastya very often executed “Snow wolves“ at concerts, but for the unclear reasons on her first solo album the song did not get. Only 10 years later it was rewritten for an album “Sea Siam“ (1987), on it shot the video, and later time and the old version entered as a bonus, in reprinting of an album “Tatsu“ of 1987. The most amusing version can be heard in Nastya`s album “With you and without you“ where rare records of 1985 are collected. There on a demo of “Snow wolves“ it is possible to hear little Ania`s voice - the first daughter of Butusov.

“Crack - crack“ (1986)

Frankly speaking, Butusov`s texts do not shine with any especially poetic advantages. By the way, self-critical Vyacheslav always also understood it. Therefore I very much was surprised when I learned that the lyrics “Crack - crack“, nicknamed in the people “Pea grains“, was written by Butusov. Painfully he resembled Kormiltsev`s texts - moderately social, moderately metaphoric.

The song was included into an album “Separation“ of 1986 - that album which brought to nobody the known Sverdlovsk group to popularity tops. Social implication of “Grains“ was quite clear - it is a certain nod in the Soviet educational system of youth - Octobrists, pioneers, Komsomol members etc. Grains grow up, some grains revolt, try to punch a wall, and then turn into bricks of which the wall consists.

URAL PATHFINDER magazine, 1988: whether
“Are considered by you guilty of all problems of people “held down by one chain“, or also “pea grains“ are guilty?“.
V. BUTUSOV: Held down we include in number also those which do not bear in themselves a negative charge. In the same way pea grains can be everyones: ripe, unripe, slightly rotten and without it. This question - a question of the relations between two generations, that`s all. And I cannot unambiguously answer, whether life such is that I took away them from each other and who is more guilty. Sometimes the misunderstood father - the reactionary a figure more tragic, than the misunderstood son - the revolutionary...“

It is musical the song “Crack - Crack“ just excellent, though quite simple - three criminal chords (in my opinion, it was the second song which I mastered on a guitar). The version on “Separation“ though is considered initial, on the drive and on a sound strongly is inferior to the concert option which entered on the disk “Uncommunicativeness“. “Grains“ are written were impressed by the song “Ubangi Stomp“ of STRAY CATS group as Butusov remembered, by “to be cried out and exhaust“ .

From interview since Century. Butusov, “AIF“ 2011:
“AIF: - Especially actually lines from the song “Crack - Crack“ sound - “Raise us and us dry for this purpose only to eat“...
B. B.: - These lines will be actual always. As the essence of relationship of the certain person and the state does not change already many thousands of years. Having once broken system of heavenly hierarchy, we constantly stay in a mess and anyway we try to bring order. But as we are space bodies, all the same subconsciously we aspire to a condition of rest, to conservation of energy. Nevertheless, continues to mangle us, and we as appropriate react to it. It seems to me, it is unnatural for the person“.

On it so far all. About other songs of Butusov read in the following article.