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What was a hard way of electronics habitual now?

Long since difficult were considered to live during an era of changes. Changes is a refusal of old foundations, a breaking down stereotypes, the birth and formation something new. Changes demand patience and persistence. Especially when you stand at their origins.

is Told, Thomas Edison created about 2000 modifications of the glow lamp before he found viable option, but the invention it changed the world.

Let`s look at the way passed by different electronic devices before they gained general distribution and popularity, but we will talk not about global inventions like trousers, television and the Internet, and about small user devices.


Development of electronic “paper“ were engaged in

independently from each other many corporations still with 70 - x years. The first E - Ink the display which began to be used by production of eReaders was developed in 2005, had the diagonal of 6 inches and permission 800 on 600 points. Sony Librie EBR - 1000EP which was on sale at the price about 40000 yens (220 pounds sterling, 368 US dollars) became the first serial user device. “All - navsy“. From - for its shortcomings and high cost of E Ink Corporation, Philips and Sony, made investments in researches, prophesied huge losses.

What we have now? Quite liberal price allows to buy such device practically to everyone, and makes their set of firms. In the past there were already two generations of displays differing in contrast and speed of updating. Now displays of generation Pearl, in development - color are everywhere used.

Navigators with GLONASS

Where were gone jokes about the GLONASS navigation system (NS) and the devices working with it? Despite of everything the orbital group of this NANOSECOND was licked into shape. In 2011 there were first automobile navigators, working at the same time with satellites of two NANOSECONDS: GLONASS and GPS - Explay GN - 510 and Lexand Lexand SG - 555. I remember how was in the Network of criticism and comments much. However all for some one and a half years the situation was changed radically: now almost each company - producer, presented at the market of the CIS countries, has hybrid model in the arsenal.

Phones with support to several of these - cards

the First such devices appeared in 2000, but did not gain distribution. In the present this subject was revived by branded producers, but long time their dvukhsimochnik did not possess sufficient functionality. And functional Android smartphones from China were full of program and hardware jambs. Even on Shkolezhizni. ru in comments to articles disputes on correctness of similar acquisition ran high.

Then there were high-class branded smartphones - more expensive (for example, HTC Desire V) and more available (Highscreen Alpha GT and Alpha GTR). And the functionality did not suffer from availability of the last: in Alpha GTR the big screen (4,5 inches, v_polnen on technologists of IPS), binuclear 1 GHz the processor, two cameras (2 and 8 Megapixels) and habitual “buns“ like Wi - Fi and GPS was installed. Alpha GT is slightly more modest, but all to a ravnooba of model are considered as the most inexpensive smartphones with HD - the screen in Russia.

Especially pleases in these smartphones the fact that this - the card in one of slots is able to work in networks of the third generation. So for the quite good wireless Internet and the modem is not necessary.

About what tells emergence of such devices? That good dvukhsimochny smarts are demanded and are in demand. Perhaps we observe the birth new also here, and in the near future phones with support to several of these - cards will drive the odnosimochny fellows out of the market as with development of the game industry the Dendy and Sega prefixes disappeared...

Car DVRs

These devices at first were almost useless. Poor quality of record did not give the chance to prove the case in this or that road incident, registration plates of cars were visible only close. Now, when the removed material can be considered as the proof according to the decision of the judge and when the cost of good HD of the registrar is not transcendental, these devices strong took positions behind a windshield of a huge number of drivers.

Tablet computers

At first sight seems that tablet computers - an exception to the rules. The first iPad right after the presentation in 2010 gained huge popularity. The device became really popular, but it not the first - tablet PCs to this model went a long way.

Newton MessagePad from Apple which is let out in 1993 is considered the first tablet personal computer. On open spaces of the CIS about it very few people heard. And I subtracted information on him in an English-speaking source. Long Alan Kaye could not embody the development under the name Dynabook. Its vision of the tablet was described 1968 more, the prototype is let out in 2008. In 2001 Microsoft let out a set of the specifications describing tablet computers - Microsoft Tablet PC. According to these specifications many companies created tablets: Lenovo, HP, Toshiba. But further the presentations and modest sales business did not go.

Now tablets are at 22% of citizens of the USA. For the last years the market of tablet computers promptly grows. And, according to the experts, will grow till 2017.

What Jules Verne once wrote about, became reality today. Years and it was created the equipment which became popular now a decade ago. Today`s technical novelties will become ordinary for our children. It is pleasant to be the contemporary of such changes.