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Ilyinichn`s melancholy and Depression Nikolaevna: whether we will let in uninvited guests?

Someone already received these old women in the house? On a visit they can appear suddenly on one or together. You think, you only a door were rung? No. Come to all and can get to the house not always.

Happens that the Melancholy descends on investigation and reports on the Depression whether are ready to its reception. Bright these old women and very unpleasant. And, above all - come without invitation!


Ilyinichn`s Melancholy is better to know them by sight

has an appearance good-natured. The grandmother - a God`s dandelion. Will wrap up with tender words, will put bed, hot tea will give to drink. Why comes? As, as. Not to wither without sorrow yes of the grief necessary to feel: the door was opened, in the house let - means, waited. Spaaasitelnitsa! Ilyinichn`s melancholy will listen, will understand, will assent, will regret.

Lie supposedly do not get up, do not think of affairs, be not engaged in the solution of problems. And listen better to my stories fantastic. Also it is filled in solovyyom how life is heavy, it is not enough money, children ungrateful, men all svo … bodny, du`s chiefs … shevny.

Does not prevent to live especially, but also does not give rest. For work as a trace runs, from work meets. From people fences off, forces to listen to himself.

Yes that we all about Ilyinichne`s Melancholy. There is a character more interesting - the Depression Nikolaevna. It has such look as if the handout on a church porch asks. Getting thin, in black clothes. Only there is also not enough braid. So just from the house the nasty broom you will not sweep out it, the vacuum cleaner you will not exhaust.

It comes not less, than for two weeks. Otherwise not to manage to carry out it the plans: bullshits the person that hardly - hardly turned, disperses all thoughts, only one leaves also the most opposite. Bony hand heart squeezes unfortunate, - a leg does not allow to move a hand, starves, the death as disposal of sins designates, sense of guilt seeks to cause, pulls a bandage on eyes that everything in black color seemed, does not allow to sleep.

And meanwhile imperceptibly takes away energy, and with it all substances useful, nutritious and amusing without which absolutely helpless person becomes.

You remember, about a layer - that ozone? It was made a hole - here substances all and flow away to the Depression. And how you thought? It can overcome not each person, and to arrival prepared by the different reasons (about the reasons wrote article recently).

we Banish both

Kolya Handr Ilyinichn`s

one came and you learned it while stands behind a door, then on a threshold do not let.

And if let and does not leave - call the family, friends. Together you will overcome. Next time Handrinyin do not give in to speeches.

From loneliness run and not to Handr: you find affairs entertaining, fascinating.

With small children communicate also with parents more. They give joy to us, youth is returned by both those, and others (“Our parents are still living, we can feel like children, and it is unimportant how many to us years“).

Look more often around: suddenly your help to whom is required, council.

Manage to enjoy the nature. May - aromas, for example, again the whole year it is necessary to wait for that, you appreciate the moment.

And at once it is more difficult to cope with both impostors. It will be come to the rescue to call forces medical, medicinal, strong, the Depression Nikolaevna disarming, strength of mind restoring, the level of the amusing substances in an organism lifting, the speed of all processes increasing. Not to do without them in any way.

Why? If water through a hole came out a vessel, so it is desirable to patch a hole before again to pour water.

You hear? Call to a door. I will look in a peephole. Yes same Matveevn`s Boredom - my neigbour. And behind it girlfriends loom: Melancholy, Handr and Depression. No, Matveevn`s Boredom! Let`s meet next time. At me put so much now …