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Features of the national market or How to understand that the state lacks money?

the Most expensive article in the budget of any country are defense. This article constantly demands enormous investments and brings in the income only in one case - in case of war. War - business favorable to the winner because resources of the enemy, natural become an award for a victory including. personally I do not trust

Ya in tales of fight for freedom on other continent. I think, there is no person left who would trust in it.

Russia of military operations abroad does not conduct, does not seek to select by force foreign “good“, but, nevertheless, recently actively gives in to the provocations leading to strengthening of race of arms. Both to straight lines (forming of missile defense system), and indirect (economic sanctions, violation of the rights of the Russian citizens abroad).

On the other hand, the West strives for gas independence, and the economy of our country still has raw character. the Ring around the state contracts that cannot but be reflected in a state of affairs.

Unfortunately, for these years nothing that would be in steady demand outside the country was succeeded to create and “push through“ on the international market.

We still do not want to master the technical developments. Probably, because we wish to receive “bucks“ tomorrow, and it is better today while introduction of technical developments yields positive financial result not soon. Not to mention that can give nothing in general.

It is favorable to us not to make, and to sell raw materials and to buy already finished products from it, overpaying at the same time huge money. Who needs “cheap“ projects where there is nothing to clear up?

Russia - one of the main getters of aluminum raw materials. The cost of the aluminum shape for a shutter of an automatic door of “native“ production is cheaper purchased in Germany by 6 times. We waited for half a year until the Moscow region plant learns to make profiles of the necessary quality... Can be approved by

safely that our general “health“ directly depends on results of activity of Gazprom. Gazprom has an extensive network of “daughters“ - the organizations created generally under separate projects (under development of Shtokman field, for example) .

The same, in turn, are served by tens of the organizations - contractors in whom hundreds of thousands of people are engaged. And therefore freezing of the project inevitably leads to increase of “snowball“ - problems appear at all chain of the persons involved in the project.

I believe that the state is frequent “dips hands“ into cash desk of “national property“, forcing to finance these or those requirements. And therefore we need only to watch, with bated breath, that, how masterly Gazprom carries out the activity and wages the international wars.

The market of real estate lives in Russia under the laws. It is not indicative for an assessment of state of the economy of the country at all in general. Even if all will become impoverished, housing prices will not fall. I do not understand pricing in this sector. I can guess only from where such quotations on new housing when using so low-quality materials undertake, cheap labor, non-compliance with construction norms (I did not see for a long time that houses were defended after laying of the base ) etc.

Expenses on social security of citizens (here we will carry both medicine, and pensions) are also the huge budgetary hole which is not bringing in incomes. Especially in the conditions of “aging“ of the nation. at

When the expenses which are not bringing in incomes grow in the state, and the income falls and there is no place to take money already, the state interferes in our life, trying to patch the budgetary holes “screwing up of nuts“ for business and citizens.

1. Changes are made to the tax law. in recent years social taxes “imperceptibly“ grew. Besides, since 2012 the deduction, not taxable on the income, of 400 rubles for small salaries is cancelled. It is possible to guess only how many money cancellation of this deduction concerning the most part of the working population brought in treasury.

For the organizations the become frequent checks from different supervisory authorities, and also the duty of participation in different useless associations lowered from above become a strong indication of deficiency of means in the budget. Creation of self-regulatory organizations (SRO) with the subsequent coercion of business to enter them, in my opinion, was masterly operation on a fast whip-round.

2. Increase of responsibility, penalties for various offenses for citizens. Chambers along roads not only increase discipline, but also fill up the budget.

3. Creation of conditions in order that there was a need to address intermediaries for receiving standard state services. .

4. Implementation of the actions having inexplicable character. For example, all a year ago many public institutions were renamed, the word “budgetary“ was added to their name. Signs did not manage to be replaced, to be renewed documents as mass merging of social and educational institutions began. New merge and, therefore, renaming. However all this “florets“ in comparison with disguise of militia in police.

Large players in the market are also the indicator of a state of affairs in the country in general because they try to adapt to new realities in own way.

5. Growth of rates in banks on deposits means that the bank has problems with return of the credits (people have no money them to return) and is ready to pay more subjects who will lend to him.

6. Closing of shops of large distribution networks . Any shop will not be closed if it brings in the sufficient income. This very bad event, owing to the fact that for service of a large distribution network hundreds of different producers are attracted. And here, as well as in a situation with Gazprom, in case of crash on ringlets all chain of the interconnected persons will be scattered.

Generally, it is possible to write the whole thesis on a subject “How to understand that the state lacks money? “, but, probably, you should not do it. Because when in a purse it will be empty, all will guess it.