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Family doctor: how it works in the USA?

And so are also represented the sweet picture: the old doctor - Aybolit carefully bends over the patient`s bed, and around him a tender family - ah, our family doctor …

do not dream, for a long time the doctor on houses does not go to the USA, there is no such practice (if only this doctor not your brother or the matchmaker). And nevertheless the institute of the family doctor prospers and is improved.

So who is he, your family doctor? And the family doctor we call any doctor - the doctor book or the therapist of a wide profile (family practitioner) whose services we use. Depending on a type of the health insurance we or choose to ourselves the doctor or we use the list of the doctors ordered to policy holders by this insurance company. In selection of this or that insurance the freedom of choice of the family doctor is one of decisive factors. Usually we prefer the doctor at whom our parents, relatives, relatives were already treated. It is very good when your doctor remembers and knows, than your family what problems with health are peculiar to members of your family were ill.

Itself can pick up the doctor for the Internet: all information about doctors of a publichna. You learn where he got medical education where he passed internship in what medical institutions it worked in what of the field of medicine he narrowly specialized what scientific works it has in what scientific researches he took part. Data on are right there reported whether this doctor had legal claims, whether there were on it complaints, whether his cases in the commission on medical ethics, and other important things were heard. It is surely reported with what hospitals this doctor is affiliated: that is if your therapist sends you to a hospital, then he as the resident of this hospital has the right to conduct you along with the ward doctor - as the vizitiruyushchy doctor.

Any person, well at least I can open medical office. Registering such business, I lease the building, I equip offices, I sign contracts with laboratory, the diagnostic centers. Then I employ personnel - the same doctors, registrars, biller, a reception, assistants to the doctor. Officially doctors work for me at the contract, deducting part of the income to me for the room, office equipment, medical and secretarial personnel, advertizing in mass media and other services. Usually it develops into 40% of the income of the doctor. At the same time he independently pays the medical insurance from a medical mistake. I as the hostess, is interested to provide the doctor with clients.

There is one more interesting nuance: fight for clients in the USA very rigid. Let`s say my doctor for years of work at me at office “hatched“ the clients. In case this doctor decides to leave to other owner or to open own office, I provide in the contract that the doctor had no right “to take away“ at me the patients and/or would not have the right to open the new office in a radius, say, of 20 miles from my offices.

There are no lines to doctors in the USA as reception is conducted only on record: you appoint visit and come precisely in due time. If you passed the time, the doctor will not be able to accept you - it at it is painted on minutes. It is accepted to cancel visit at least in one day. If you just did not attend appointment without the prevention, the doctor has the right to send you a total count as for visit: he in these your 30 minutes did not earn anything.

So, we will present that I should see the doctor. I appoint visit about its reception by phone or on the Internet. In due time I appear at its office, I show the ausvays and an insurance card, make the copy of it. I am given a pager to keep mine incognito and not to tell my name at strangers. As soon as the pager begins to vibrate, for me the assistant to the doctor comes and sees off me in a viewing office. There the assistant measures pressure, temperature, growth, weight, body weight and mass of fats. Data are entered in a card. Further to me suggest to undress and put on an individual dressing gown. The medical card is carried away from an office and inserted into the door holder from a corridor.

Before entering an office, the doctor will already check your data, will look through your clinical record, will check what analyses and when became to find out whether it is time to make them anew. Further it enters an office and outputs your file on the computer. He enters all your complaints right there in the database, then performs inspection, brings results in the file, right there from the computer on the intranet sends in your drugstore recipes on the written-out drugs and/or the directions on inspections. Such analyses as the express - blood on sugar or cholesterol, an electrocardiogram, a X-ray of a thorax are carried out right there at office of the doctor, and you are told result. If you are under continuous supervision and it is required then the following visit is appointed.

And what to do if at you temperature, let us assume, rose, flu began, sudden pains developed, you fell and strongly hurt? The hospital is for this purpose provided in all emergencies: you call 911 for ambulansy or reach an accident ward.

But when you got to an accident ward, from there doctors will surely contact your doctor to let him know that you are at them with such - complaints that they are going to stabilize you such - medicines, and your family doctor in return will make the recommendations and instructions about some extraordinary standards if those are available.

As a rule, at slight diseases, such as cold with a temperature and cough, people just do not see a doctor - through a counter the drugs which are completely removing all symptoms for 8 hours are on sale. Sick-lists in the USA do not exist: if you just cannot go for work due to illness, you are taken the word. Another matter whether will pay to you the missed day - it depends on your collective agreement with the employer. The maximum bonus known to me, it till 10 paid days a year, but usually 3 - 5.

Family doctors are tried not to be changed, as a rule, throughout life. Moreover, one working as a rule also family members become covered by an insurance. Therefore at your personal doctor also they are usually observed. And expression “the family doctor“ in this case is absolutely justified. On such here family doctors one-storeyed America also keeps.