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How to get acquainted with the man? Strategy of

All of us in the behavior use some strategy - they can be or successful, or is not present. In acquaintances to men the same - therefore let`s talk about what strategy at you today? Answer with

to yourself a question right now: how I in general meet men how it occurs? How I do it? Many practically do not think at all of how they act to achieve some result.

What options can be:
- I just look at them, I wait until they show an initiative.
- When I see on the Internet of the nice guy, I can write to it …
- get acquainted, but most often are married.
- In any way I do not get acquainted.
- to Sege on dating sites.
- I am acquainted by my friends.

So, what your strategy, and that the most important as far as it suits you?

For example if you understand that you spend the most part of time in places where there are men, and you meet them, then, most likely, your strategy works. Means, it is not necessary to change anything, to repair to anything what is not broken. However if it seems to you that around you it is not enough men, that is your strategy does not work, or you do not have it at all - a task in developing more effective strategy.

Remember the typical week Monday through Sunday and think in what places you are the most part of the time. Excepting the house, certainly, there are not a lot of men with whom you are not familiar yet. There are several strategy and if you realize what you of them use, then it will be already a step forward.

The first strategy - “ the Princess on a pea “: “I do nothing, I wait for the prince when he comes also itself will get acquainted with me, will approach me on the street and will tell that I dreamed of me all the life“. It is strategy when the girl does not make absolutely any efforts to go to some places where there are men. It goes to work, then she goes home, stays at home, maybe, in social networks, and thinks: “As it is strange that I still did not meet still the man of the dream“. Or, for example, it goes to courses of knitting or still where - nibud where men do not go! But even in this case it is possible to meet the man in cafe which is office building.

However most often such acquaintances come to an end so - the girl declares that the man does not suit her, and continues to live in loneliness.

The second strategy - “ the Hunter “. When such women have a purpose to meet the man, they begin to act very resolutely. They meet all where popadya, without understanding whom exactly meet, the main thing - as it is possible to come with a large number of men into contact by the principle “somebody yes will get“.

At the same time most often such girls get acquainted in clubs - in evening clubs, night, or at restaurants. And at the same time very much are surprised that few men who agree to form some long relations come across. Why in night club you will seldom meet the man who wants to establish a family? There is such concept as a situation context.

I am sure, as in the same cafes and bars, even beautiful men go to “lush“ places. But in these parts other purpose - to have a good time. It is improbable that men after the unlucky working day go to club with the purpose to meet there the woman of the dream. Therefore the context of clubs, evening parties where people still usually also drink, is not absolutely successful option of acquaintance to the man. If you want the man for sex - not a problem, to you in club. Even it is not necessary to hold seminars how to meet the man for one night! But our task - to meet the man.

The third strategy - “ It is sure - selective “. She allows to look for more effectively the person who would suit you.

I have a girlfriend, it was important to it to meet the man of “IT specialist“ that to him it was interesting to talk about work. She is engaged in selection of a pesonal in IT - the company, she constantly participates in some conferences, and a party at it corresponding. On the other hand, she is fond of different types of active recreation and campaigns. Therefore, the man had to be an IT specialist - a pokhodnik! And as a result she really got acquainted with such man on some IT - shny conference, then they went to a campaign, and they entered the relations.

My second acquaintance looked for at first not the man, and … herself. It had such period when she wanted to find a pacification, she began to go to the Buddhist center and there got acquainted with the man to whom she is married now. And it is simply happy because her man understands its very deep values.

My history is quite interesting too. A few years ago I understood that I want to meet the man. And I began to go to classes of a tantra. My future beloved was the organizer of these occupations, and, actually, there we also got acquainted with him.

Let`s draw a conclusion where we need to meet men. It is necessary to get acquainted where there is an option to understand what true values at this man it, and that really is pleasant to it. In other words - where he can show the some certain bents or qualities. It can be club or conference, not very well, the main thing that all participants of an event have to have a common goal to learn something new or to learn something. In such places it is very easy to get acquainted - you are not imposed and feel well and naturally.

For example if you love campaigns where it is necessary to climb week to mountains, then you need to look for the man who would be inclined to the same style. If you the lover of secular parties - look for the man exactly there.

And if your most important values do not coincide with the man`s values, alas, in several years you have nothing will talk at dinner.