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Civil marriage: so or not so?

As soon as in the Russian society there was such term as “civil marriage“, - right there were his supporters and opponents who still conduct uncompromising discussions about advantage and harm of such union.

From the very beginning to avoid terminological confusion, let`s understand that the term “civil marriage“ in the Russian legislation means legal marriage, that is marriage in the usual sense of the public. Other unions between the man and the woman conducting the general economy are called cohabitation. It from a series when on a cage with a monkey it is written - “Lion“.

The term “cohabitation“ personally is not pleasant to me at all as I see in it initially put negative attitude to this phenomenon humiliating the dignity of the man and woman in this union. So in this article I, perhaps, will use such terms as marriage and the unregistered relations.

So what arguments are put forward by supporters of marriage? They for some reason consider that, getting married, the man (notice, not both partners) thereby takes the responsibility for a family, and avoiding a stamp in the passport - no. I will explain why I with it am not ready will agree.

In - the first, let`s understand about what responsibility there is a speech? Whether it is possible to take the responsibility to love the partner all the time? It is absurdity. It is possible to be so mad to swear eternal love, but will never provide you guarantees that you will be loved as you have a stamp about the registered marriage. The legalized love is one of the most cruel deception of women and one of the most ridiculous nonsenses of our society.

If to follow examples of the long relations in love - that they will be both in marriage, and in the unregistered relations. To the contrary, it is possible both there, and there to live together, without loving each other.

Both the legalized marriage, and the unregistered relations can develop with identical success and in that (towards love, psychological proximity), and in other party. The western practice of the mass unregistered relations, especially among youth, shows that it is even impossible to call them peculiar “training“ of future family as there are no guarantees that “the following family will take place“. Wellbeing statistics as, however, and trouble of families which members visited a stage of the unregistered marriage nothing can unambiguously claim!

Let`s talk then about responsibility from the legal point of view. It is considered what the woman will be protected by the law in a case … what you thought? Not long joint life, but divorce! What supporters of marriage are ready for? On divorce! They contradict themselves! But even if there is a divorce. With what at the same time there are parties, depends not on the law and in advance prepared marriage contract (again - I do not see an orientation here on love, as well as opportunities to protect myself from all possible a swagger - major circumstances), and on as far as the person ripened, is responsible and mentally healthy. A personal responsibility, as well as love, beyond the law.

It is considered that the woman seeks to marry, and to the man it is unprofitable to register the relations. But if the woman, being mother, registers the relations with the father of the child, it means, for example, that without his permission she will not be able even to go on the vacation with the child abroad. Why to it to fall into the dependence on the man received by automatic machine from the “caring“ state?

I have a familiar couple. 15 years just all envy their partnership. Fine family: love, children … And though they and their children were already tired of a question, “why the relations are not registered“, but always with a smile answer: “We do not plan to leave …“

Together with Yulia Vasyukova