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How to grow thin, without refusing to itself favourite products? Easily!

When I became a mother, this event brought huge happiness in my life. And fifteen kilograms of excess weight that saddened pleasure a little. Diets and sport were contraindicated from - for breastfeeding. Attempts to reduce the volume of portions I shamefully failed … However the first birthday of the daughter I met

harmonous and beautiful, my weight became even less, than before pregnancy. What helped me, as well as to thousands of other women to lose weight and to catch delighted (and sometimes envious) views of people around?

I open a secret: System “minus sixty“ . Her author - the journalist and the writer Ekaterina Mirimanova. Having doubled the weight after the child`s birth, she fought in various ways against extra kilos and constantly failed. As a result Katya developed a unique method by means of which she dumped sixty kilograms in a year. For this reason the system carries such name.

Yes! It is not a diet, namely system which includes three aspects: food, care of a body and physical activities.

Give one after another …

the Principles of food

Special appeal of System that, unlike diets, in it there are no forbidden products. It is possible to eat everything and in any kind. However there are restrictions and bans on time of meals. We will also talk about them …

the Breakfast - favourite time of adherents of System. It is possible to eat everything: both sweet, and fat, and flour. Only you remember that a breakfast the first meal to 12 o`clock in the afternoon is considered .

Lunch . Here restrictions begin. It is possible to eat only boiled, stewed and baked. As a last resort, browned on small amount of vegetable oil.

1. For lunch it is possible to eat any meat and fish, and also seafood (you remember ways of preparation).

2. Practically all vegetables are resolved, but it is impossible to combine bean and potatoes with meat and fish products.

3. From grain it is possible to eat buckwheat and rice (it is desirable, brown). Macaroni - only firm grades, meatless or fishes.

4. Dairy products should not have fat content more than five percent.

5. The choice of fruit is also limited: citrus, prunes, pineapples, water-melon, apples and plums.

6. Drinks: juice without sugar, teas, coffee, dry red wine and milk drinks.

the Dinner - till 18 o`clock . This meal assumes the most strict restrictions. It is possible to use any way of cooking, but without oil use.

of the Menu for dinner needs to be made, choosing products from one of seven groups:

1. Vegetables and dairy products. All vegetables, except potatoes and bean are resolved, dairy products fat content again - it is not higher than five percent.

2. Fruit and dairy products. You can eat the same fruit, as for lunch. Dairy products as you already guessed, only to five percent of fat content.

3. Vegetables and fruit. Here everything is easy. We eat only those which are resolved.

4. Grain (buckwheat, rice) and the resolved vegetables.

5. Grain and the resolved fruit.

6. Meat or fish. It is necessary to choose something one. One egg on 200 grams of meat or fishes is allowed. Any sausages!

7. Cheese, dairy products and krispa. Cheese can be eaten any, but no more than 50 grams.

Throughout the day it is desirable to drink about one and a half pure liters. Besides, we remember that it is also possible to drink teas and coffee, but without sugar.

Not less important component of System is …

Care of a body

the System assumes massage with use of a coffee srub or honey, a wrapping from a mummy. You can also use various cosmetics for maintenance of a tone of skin.

Physical activities

is about feasible physical activities Here. Nobody demands that you tortured yourself in a gym. Rather regularly to do exercises or jog, or to be engaged in your favourite type of fitness. The keyword - is regular . It is desirable - every day.

At first sight, this System seems difficult. But after several days you will be easily guided in it. If there are questions, in the Network there are many communities where to beginners will always help to understand. The main thing, you remember: The system “minus sixty“ is not a diet, but a way of life to which it is necessary to adhere always. But let it does not frighten you - having found long-awaited symmetry and ease, you also do not want to come back to former habits.