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Aromatherapy. How to use essential oils?

Since ancient times people used an aromatherapy as the way allowing to care for youth, beauty of a body about health. Till today secrets of surprising essential oils reached, now use them in medicine, medical cosmetology and in life.

They perfectly take off fatigue, tension, relieve of consequences of a stress and revitalize an organism. An aromatherapy essence - competent use of oils from plants with antiviral, antiseptic, therapeutic, psychotherapeutic properties. Only the made of natural raw materials, essential oils are capable to have here such useful characteristics.

Today aromatic oils are applied by different methods, choose: bathtubs and inhalations, aromamassazh and compresses. Surely carry out some important rules, applying them in house conditions, essential oils are capable both to stimulate, and to brake, for example, sexual or working activity.

One of the most important conditions of use of aromatic oils is sense of proportion as oils possess very strong action. From - for inadmissible excess of the recommended dose the health can worsen considerably. Usually essential oil there is enough couple of drops, also use it not daily.

It is necessary to learn to choose aroma truly. The smell has to be pleasant! To receive confidence that it and the truth your aroma, drip the chosen oil on fabric or a scarf and inhale it the whole day. If after that it did not cease to be pleasant, it is possible to pass to the following stage. Add an oil drop, for example, to cream, smells will mix up. If the smell also at the same time pleases, take a bath with addition of this oil. Absence on skin of allergic reaction speaks about correctness of the choice.

Now directly about some oils. Each of them possesses unique properties. If something anti-inflammatory is required, wound healing, spazmolitichesky, soothing or diuretic, use oil of a fragrant lavender. Juniper oil has same properties also.

The lavender is capable to improve work of a liver, gall bladder and all digestive tract in general, it normalizes a menstrual cycle, improves blood circulation, perfectly strengthens immunity, clears of slags. The lavender perfectly influences skin, rejuvenates it, tightens, removes irritation, increases the resilience to fungal diseases.

Juniper oil promotes decrease in body weight, perfectly affects digestion, is effective in dermatology. This magnificent sedative.

Remarkably fragrant oil of a rose is an antidepressant and antiseptics. It can be applied to strengthening of venous walls, to normalization of work grease, sweat glands, blood circulation, a stomach, intestines. Rose attar perfectly stimulates a sexual inclination. It has the rejuvenating properties and perfectly relieves of grief and grief. Rosemary possesses many properties of rose attar, but is still capable to struggle with eczema and dermatitis.

Perfectly increases sexual activity ilang - ilang, the same oil is capable to help at menstrual violations. Ilang - ilang - the magnificent means interfering aging of skin. This antiseptic, the sedative restoring nervous system, removing stress.

Using lemon oil, it is possible to achieve dissolution of stones in kidneys and a liver, to get rid of the disturbing warts and pigmentary spots. It perfectly rejuvenates skin and increases immunity.

Cypress oil, except antiseptic, wound healing, spazmolitichesky properties, possesses ability to regulate work of sebaceous glands and is often applied in cosmetology. The eucalyptus is applied at migraines and neuralgia and also as febrifugal, antiviral, an anesthetic.

At not falling down temperature wipe a body with water with a lavender, mint, an eucalyptus (on one drop). Heavy hangover? Take a bath with an additive from a lemon, rosemary, grapefruit, a cedar, a lavender, fennel, a juniper or carrots (8 drops).

If to drip in footwear geranium oil, it will relieve of an unpleasant smell. Comb hair, having dripped on a hairbrush rosemary, and they will be magnificent and brilliant, it will help to improve memory. It is possible to banish cold, inhaling fumes of a thyme.

That houses constantly there was a favourite aroma, it is possible to use various devices. There are special night lamps, candlesticks, aromalampa, the flavored pieces of fabric, a stick, a sachet.

Read the corresponding literature on an aromatherapy, look for information on the Internet, experiment, and then your knowledge will be constantly improved, and the aromatherapy to bring benefit.