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Whether it is difficult to be the first grader`s parent? Part 2

Parents of first graders have to be ready that they again “will sit down at a school desk as pupils“ together with the kids. Even lessons simple at first sight are difficult if to monitor their performance, and the criticism of the teacher towards the child is perceived into the account. Performance of homework together with the child not only tires with

the adult, but sometimes and irritates. Not only that it is the routine work repeating day by day so still sometimes there is a desire to make this task fast instead of the pupil and to be engaged in own affairs. How to be? Homework

From the very beginning do not practice

to do homework with the child or, especially, for it. You risk to hang up on yourself this yoke for the next several years. Children very quickly get used that they do homework with someone from adults, and in the future do not want to be independent. Sound that needs to be made, and go about the own business, allowing thereby the child to work most. If he asks about the help, then, of course, help and explain that to what. Also you remember that responsibility for mistakes has to lie on shoulders of the pupil, but not his parents.

Accustom the child not to distract during performance of homework. Track that the TV during lessons was switched off, otherwise the child will switch the view from a notebook to the screen all the time and will do a heap of mistakes. Put on a desktop a glass of water or juice, apple or cookies that the child had no occasion to run on kitchen and to distract from occupations. If you see that something is impossible to it and he is nervous, switch its attention to something else. Here you will see - in a couple of minutes the kid will calm down and will be ready to continue work further.

According to teachers, the most difficult occupation for the first grader is the letter. Therefore pay it most of all attention. In this case the main thing - to get the hand. Besides copy-books which are set by the teacher, write in addition. Suggest the child to write the letter, for example, to Father Frost if he still believes in him, and tell that it is necessary very much beautifully to try and write, otherwise that will sort nothing. Anyway you should not be upset if at your child a frank scribble turns out. Support him and tell that at you left even worse. With time and practice everything will turn out!

To begin to do homework it is better from simple objects because their performance will give to the first grader a charge of confidence in the opportunities. Then to pass to more difficult lessons, and finally when working capacity approaches zero, to make the last easy task. As a result of such distribution of loading will seem to your child that study comes to it easily.

When house lessons are made, do not forget to collect a portfolio for tomorrow. Do not do it for your child at all. You can only check a little process, being nearby. If the pupil forgot to put any textbook, do not put it. Let he will come to a lesson and will understand that there is no necessary book and to blame for it except itself there is nobody. Then next time it will be more attentive.

Among other things parents of the first grader should come into contact with his teacher, to find with it, so to speak, “common language“.

Contact with the teacher

to be approximate, to parents it is necessary to visit all PTA meetings, to be interested more often in progress of the child, to listen to recommendations of the teacher of performance of homework, to come to school without delay, to participate in public life of a class both morally, and financially etc. It is important for

to learn to listen and to correctly perceive remarks and criticism from the teacher. Having listened to remarks, you do not hurry to abuse the child at once. Let he will tell you how he sees a situation in return. If as a result you found out that your methods of education do not coincide with the teacher`s methods, then leave everything as it is, but do not criticize at the teacher`s child at all. If remarks really efficient, then follow recommendations of the teacher.

Try not to take offense at criticism also. Some parents told by the teacher perceive everything in the address and even blame themselves for what their child clumsily writes or badly considers. It is not necessary to identify the child with himself. It is not you. It absolutely other person, with the shortcomings and abilities. If mother or the father of the first grader were excellent students, then it does not give any guarantee that their child will wonderfully study too. Any child is individual and in something is talented. And an important task of the loving parents and the good teacher is identification of these talents. If it occurs, so contact with the teacher took place.

To be a parent is a titanic work. In this regard there is a wish to wish to all parents of first graders of forces and patience for many years that as a result they enjoyed joyful minutes of happiness and pride of progress of the children.