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Whether it is difficult to be the first grader`s parent? Part 1

is the First academic year enough - a difficult period not only in life of the child who has to train for a new profession from the kindergarten kid in the first grader, but also for his parents. For one school difficulties pass imperceptibly, and they bring others considerable efforts.

Having crossed a threshold of school, your child is automatically awarded unusual to it with duties hitherto. Now it is necessary to be punctual, serious, disciplined, accurate, responsible and reasonable. If your kid is not ready to all these changes, then not to avoid a stressful state. In order that the adaptation period passed as much as possible smoothly and without serious consequences, parents need to prepare psychologically and themselves, and the child. Psychological preparation Explain


to the child that it goes to school to study. And when any person studies, at him not at once everything turns out and mistakes are admissible. Tell that it is not necessary to cry or take offense at the teacher from - for marks. It is just necessary to try and as a result surely everything will turn out. If the child everything is does not cope with something, then do not show the discontent is opened and especially do not compare it to other children. It can lead or to animosity, or will create uncertainty in itself.

In advance accustom the child to keep the things in an order. Ability to organize the workplace is a guarantee of successful study. Get to your kid a desk, pencils, handles, notebooks etc. Then declare that now all this its personal property, so and on a table it has to be responsible for an order personally too.

Make sure that your child possesses information which will help it not to be lost. Check whether he knows the full name and a surname, the home address, names of parents and a house phone number. It will help to orient to it in case of an unforeseen situation. Slowly cultivate independence in the child. It is not necessary to preserve constantly it against difficulties and to give everything on a silver platter. Give it the chance most to get in a queue in shop, or perhaps even to make the first purchases or it is elementary to ask passersby: “How to pass to a stop?“

Acquaint the children with feasible work in the house, having defined their duties. Only it is not necessary to force to help, better to say so: “What you at us already adult, we can even entrust you to vacuum the apartment or to make something else“. Do not forget to praise the assistant after the performed work. Such approach will undoubtedly lift a self-assessment of the first grader and will give to confidence in the opportunities.

Surely teach the child to share the problems. Frankness and the confidential relations are very important. Discuss with it the arisen conflict situations, be interested in his opinion and its ways of an exit from these situations. And, of course, if it is not right in something, explain why you so consider and as if you arrived on its place.

If the child does not obey you at all and irritates with the acts, try not to shout at him, and quietly report to him about it. Only do not abuse it for behavior, a pier: “You behave badly, you slowly put on, you do not try etc.“ it sounds as charge. It is better to carry on conversation approximately so: “Not really it is pleasant to me that you slowly put on, as a result you can be late in school“.

Try to motivate the kid to progress in study and good behavior. Surely show interest by each school day, ask at it all in detail. You praise it for good marks and, of course, do not forget about symbolical prizes or presents.

It is worth to remember also that the first grader needs not only psychological, but also physical adaptation. To many children, especially to those which did not go to a kindergarten it is very difficult to get used to the school mode.

Physical training

Help the child to get used to the new mode of life. For this purpose make together with it a daily routine and you monitor its observance. Be defined, in how many you it is necessary to rise in the morning to manage to gather, to reach school and not to be late. After return from school the child has to have dinner and have a rest a little, and then do homework. You should not postpone performance of lessons for evening if, of course, parents have such opportunity. By the evening working capacity decreases, and the probability of mistakes and blots increases.

Besides, parents have to watch that the first grader slept not less than 10 hours a day and fully ate. It would be quite good to enter into the child`s diet enough fruit and vegetables, and also vitamin preparations. It is worth to remember also about physical exercises, about full walks in the fresh air at all. And here it is better to limit viewing of the TV because at school and so there is strengthened load of sight.

The first class is some kind of first step in adulthood therefore parents have to wean from the fact that their small children, and to treat them respectively.