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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on October 13 - 14? “Frankenvini“, etc.

the Season of serious autumn blockbusters will be diluted by the next gloomy imagination from the gloomiest storyteller of Hollywood - Tim Burton presents the new animated film “Frankenvini“. In the same tonality also the horror film about the maniac - the murderer “The house at the end of the street“ is torn.

Horror films this week, actually, occupied the Russian film distribution. So, at domestic movie theaters dreadful “Sinister“ with Ethan Hawk`s participation, and also a parody tape with a promising title “The scariest movie 3D“ debuts. Though our film figures - Rezo Gigineishvili with the comedy “Love with Accent“ and Boris Khlebnikov with the tape “So Far Night Will Not Separate“ somehow will try to amuse the viewer. Children should see heavenly option of well-known “Wheelbarrows“ which and is called - “Aerotachka“.

1. “Frankenvini“ (Frankenweenie, 2012)

Tim Burton seldom indulges us present, all his works, in a varying degree, are imbued with nostalgia about the past. Including last cinema. In a case with “Frankenvini“ former times come back literally, the director not only revived on the screen of a dead doggie, but also reminiscence of classics of a genre - Gothic horror films about Victor Frankenstein and others that so liked to picturize Hollywood at the beginning of the activity. Especially as own short film of Burton for which in 1984 he was dismissed from studio Disney where work was counted too expensive and absolutely not suitable for target audience of the company became a basis for the full-length doll animated film of 2012.

Well, there passed years, and now Burton can already dictate the terms. Its experiments with dolls cost Disney`s bosses 39 million this time. What proves once again a final authority of the gloomy storyteller. “Frankenvini“ is the touching story of friendship of the boy and a dog turned by Burton into the real visual holiday. Doll characters are intentionally elaborate and amusing while the general spirit of a tape is very typical for the director and represents the drama with a bias in a fantasy. Generally, to all admirers “Edward of a hand - scissors“ and “A nightmare before Christmas“ it is devoted.

2. “The house at the end of the street“ (House at the End of the Street, 2012)

How now not to have fun, lives the remarkable neighbor nearby. Such remarkable that all houses in a radius of kilometer are on sale with a stunning discount. Because the neighbour`s girl somehow got up not from that leg and arranged to the members of household a bloody bath. Double murder pleasantly affects real estate prices, but prevents people around to sleep, the brother of the murderer continues to live in the neighbourhood, and the body of the girl was not found.

This greyish thriller with a hackneyed plot and a standard set of akh - fears broke through in a wide release thanks to a rising star of the actress Jennifer Lawrence (“A winter bone“, “Hungry games“). All the rest in the movie casts boredom, and the intrigue is fabricated. The script of the movie dangled at studios of nearly 10 years, in 2003 Johnathan Mostou was going to put it, but then received much more favorable offer from producers of the franchize “Terminator“.

3. “Sinister“ (Sinister, 2012)

Nothing so frightens by

as an inscription on the screen “From creators of “The paranormal phenomenon“ and “Astral“ because, knowing the perverted imagination of these companions, it is possible to assume in advance that “Sinister“ will be rather weak on brains, but zhutkovat. The list a pugalok includes points, typical for a genre: the old house with the unpleasant past, archival videos, dead children and in the center of this bacchanalia of stamps - the pagan god terrorizing law-abiding Americans - intellectuals.

It is sad that Ethan Hawk who was once shining in “Training day“ and promising slid to very mediocre cinema products. Yes, “Sinister“ is unambiguously best of all than many modern horror films, at least in respect of study of the atmosphere of a suspense, but the director Scott Derrikson is not able to offer anything essentially new. Something the idea will remind both Japanese “Call“, and classical “Amitivill`s Horror“. In other words, we already somewhere and once saw all this, just in other packing.

4. “The scariest movie 3D“ (Dead Before Dawn 3D, 2012)

be not afraid of

, this parody opus Comedy club has no relation to production. Its tupizna is unique and is not subject to someone`s noxious influence. And what you expected from the low budget Canadian movie which once again procrastinates a subject about invasion of the zombie?

Batch simple: the goof - the teenager incidentally breaks the artifact of unknown magic force storing in a local antique shop in dust. Its owner (who fairly grew old, but did not lose charm Christopher Lloyd it is unforgettable Doc Brown from “Back in the future“) it is oath promises the dude and his ukurenny friends of trouble. Well, such serious person did not joke: now any who will come into the view of these teenagers inevitably makes a suicide and turns into the zombie. And as the circle of contacts at school students extensive, threatens the city full extinction within one mad night.

Other from Canadians it was also not expected. In comparison with the inventive parody of British “The zombie by the name of Sean“ and the spectacular tape “Welcome to Zombilend“ their abortion looks drearily. Modern technologies allow to make walking dead persons very reliable, but here with humour here absolutely hardly. And even the saving word “shovel“, alas, will not help.

Coming Wick - an and we will discuss the Russian debutants in a crowd because, in fact, Gigineishvili and Khlebnikov`s tapes something are similar. First of all, composition because Georgian - Russian romky “Love with accent“ it is weaved from several lyrical short stories while the sad satire “So far night will not separate“ - parade of the heroes driven into specifically taken luxurious restaurant.

But if “Love with accent“ - cinema peyzazhisty, sincere and romantic, then Khlebnikov`s opus weaved from really eavesdropped conversations in expensive Moscow institution “Pushkin“ - a show angry and repellent. Two such different worlds one emasculated, invented, as if okunuty with the head in the Photoshop, the second - too close and clear, disgusting to impossibility. Both there, and here in a shot the great number of familiar characters turns, beginning from Philip Yankovsky, Anna Mikhalkova, Artur Smolyaninov and finishing Sergey Shnurov who became constant visitor at big cinema.

The parents planning to remove at cinema of juvenile offsprings should pay attention on spectacularly - the beautiful, but absolutely cliched animated cartoon of “Aerotachka“ removed by gonkongovsky animators on an image - to similarity of the Hollywood pictures. Nenapryazhny, active messing around on the screen of nice samoletik with eyes will pleasantly impress children of younger and preschool age with three-dimensional volume.

From movies that start in hire limited, it is worth paying attention to a documentary tape “Steve Jobs: The lost interview“ and Italian a dramedy the “Reality“ Matteo Garrone noted by the Big prize of jury of the past Cannes film forum.