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Primitive instincts and present. Whether it is worth giving way to women? Part 2

Turns out that, giving way to the woman, we recognize not her weakness, but its force.

Second moment, romantic. Kisses of hands. In our society it is associated with the nineteenth century, officers and noblemen. Probably, this tradition exactly from there went. Poets symbolically compared ordinary terrestrial women to goddesses and muses, it was picked up romantically by the adjusted young men seeking to ennoble girlfriends in the eyes.

But if to take a neverbalka, subconscious perception, then it will turn out that it is ritual gesture of self-humiliation, recognitions of a seniority of the one to whom kiss a hand. Weak and younger kissed hands strong and senior in Ancient Rome where even the formulation of gratitude sounded as “The whole your hand“.

This gesture remained still, apparently, in the Italian mafia where to the leader subordinates have to kiss a hand. Also in Russia of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century children kissed hands to fathers. So, if the man kisses a hand to the woman - who is he? Her owner whom it will follow, or her slave?

The third moment - falling on knees. Women adore it, in words calling madly romantic, “knightly“ act, in practice wishing to break the man thus psychologically. Yes, even if the man does not think of sense of the actions, as a result of falling on knees he as if lowers the rank, as if recognizes the woman main, he realizes it or not. However, he will understand it on behavior of the lady. Women are much more obedient to an instinct voice, than a consciousness voice.

Someone can tell that the man will become a subordinate, only if agrees that it is gesture of humiliation and if allegedly it is confident that this “gentlemanliness“, then it will be not so.

However it is about the device of the person as the being issued during a tribal era. Internal mechanisms of mentality work, and - the person knows about it or not, he agrees with it or not - does not matter.

The millennia of won winners forced to the knees, and only the last years hundred people try to attach to this gesture other significance. At the level of instincts weak kneels before strong - so was, is and will be while the mankind is live what there neither was written by poets and nor women to whom it is favorable spoke.

If to take a kitten by the scruff - he powerlessly will hang, so he is arranged that it was easier for cat to transfer it. The kitten likes it, or not, he agrees, or not, - does not matter. So, if the man falls on knees before the girlfriend (no matter in what occasion) - who is he? Servant? Slave? Perhaps, real man?

We will add an explanation. If the person stoops and goes, having hung the head, - he is subconsciously perceived by all passers as people of the lowest rank (even in the 21st century). And vice versa - the proud bearing, a commanding look are perceived respectively as a sign of the owner of life. It occurs automatically, gradually. People could not explain why the first they treat carelessly, and the second - in advance with some extent of unaccountable respect, even without knowing who is he such is.

In ancient society only the strong and courageous person was able to afford such look and such bearing as any passer could apprehend it as a call - and the police was not in those days. For Europeans that era, it seems, as passed, and here the universal mechanism of a subconscious assessment of new acquaintances and the first comers remained same as still, say, in India or Africa.

It is very strong instinctive programs. Scientists - ethology claim that it is similar to behavior of males of animals at a meeting with each other - they try to seem higher or more to intimidate the probable opponent: blow up a hood as cobras, stick out a breast, having spread wide wings as robins, are inflated as toads.

In fauna at least of single combats - who is more, that at the equal level of aggression usually wins without fight. As a result of an opposition assessment weak can recognize at once itself won, having hung, having stooped, having contracted in a lump, expecting blow.

And to the winner in a moral duel usually there is no need to finish the loser who recognized the weakness. From there is a protrusion of a breast and a poigryvaniye bicepses at one - both a stiffness and stoop of others. So we are arranged - all internal is visible outside, including fear and bravery.

There are also masters of a bluff who are figuratively inflated rastopyrivat wings, winning a moral victory over stronger, apparently, physically the rival. Well, and if two approximately equal opponents face, then the one who is ready to come further in this hierarchical conflict of two males will win.

Same, with some reservations, it is possible to apply also to such custom as carrying by the man packages and bags. In the ancient time the owner went from the empty-handed market, and after it trudged on a heat, sweating and whispering damnations, the slave with bags in hands, knots an armpit and a basket in teeth … The millennia passed, but the psychology did not change. The slave - the porter is loaded, the owner is free. Only if ancient slaves perceived it as slavery and could rebel, modern “gentlemen“ and “knights“ hurry to help - the ancient Roman slaveholder would expire saliva with envy, it had to control the porters round the clock. The voluntary slave who at the same time considers himself as the head - a curious show, philosophers of antiquity would be struck with such phenomenon.

Interestingly, those men who fall on knees give way, open doors, carry bags - would begin to do it for the friend? The best? Or for the colleague in army - the excellent guy, soul of the company? Of course, no. But why do it for women? Than the woman is better? The man is entered into deception by her beautiful appearance intended by the nature only for attraction of a male as the bright flower is bright only to attract to itself a bumblebee. But men subconsciously seek to ennoble and improve the woman, thinking that all beautiful majestically and loftily - as the Rhodes Colossus, the Colosseum, Parthenon …

Coming back to a subject of cats, it is possible to remember curious the phrase: “If cats were ugly as toads, we would see what it is actually vile selfish small animals“. But beauty disconnects logic, the person himself hypnotizes himself, without seeing reality such what it is. However, it is a subject of another story.