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What to be engaged to mother in a maternity leave in?

Rather small group of women can “be dissolved“ completely in the children. Generally it is mummies who for some reasons very long waited for the firstborn`s birth. They are ready to talk in the days and at the nights only about the kid, to live only care of it, having forgotten about everything on light … But at most of the women who gave birth to the kid the depression from such sharp change of a way of life can begin

. Till the child`s birth this woman was active, sociable, mobile, and suddenly in one day everything changed and now she in the decree! For many sounds as a sentence. It is clear, that at first you will not start missing because change of a day regimen, a way of life, food and other just “beats out“ from life. Mummy only also manages to change diapers, to feed the kid, to change clothes and put to bed, being ready to drop nearby … over time everything is settled by

, life is adjusted and free time appears, and there is a question: what to be engaged to mother in a maternity leave in? It is clear, that the care of the child has to remain in the forefront. But while the child sleeps, it is possible to make a lot of things useful and pleasant. In - the first, it is possible to walk together with sleeping in a carriage the baby. It is useful for both him, and you. And to you even more as foot walks promote appearance improvement.

About walks everything is clear and what to be engaged to mother in a maternity leave if weather does not allow to spend long time on the street? It is possible to be engaged in self-education. Today all seek to have a rest outside our country. It is clear, that it is possible to visit any country and without knowing language. And present how your spouse will be surprised if during rest you suddenly start talking to employees of hotel in their native language! And to learn some foreign language, only one will be required - two hours a day (and that not every day), perhaps, small investments in online - courses (though it is possible to find also free options) and desire. And the last has to be most of all …

If after your going away from work in a family difficulties with money that is what to be engaged to mother in a maternity leave in not to feel special need for money are. For example, it is possible to learn to sew, knit, embroider. It is possible to find a set of the training websites, and also resources on which then it is possible to find the buyer on the product in the Network. Of course, it is necessary to learn to do something very well, otherwise the competition will not allow to be developed …

If you have a “literary“ talent, then it is possible to try in this field. Estmnozhestvo of the websites on which freelancers offer the services in writing of texts. It is possible to try also on this website as here at once will prompt whether to you it is worth being engaged in sharpening of the “literary“ skill, or it is necessary to look for himself in another matter. Be guided by opinion of professionals as not always responses of readers speak about article, most often, discuss a subject, the wrong vision of the author of some question and so forth. It is not an indicator of talent or its absence, it is just excellent point of view on some single question …

I Know one mummy who made the hobby on preparation of cakes means of earning money. She learned to do jewelry of mastic and now makes really unique masterpieces. Its cakes are so beautiful that they sometimes and stand on a table because it is a pity to cut them … But when you will taste them, more than any cakes is you will not want! Thanks to the talent, this young woman who did not know still yesterday than mother can be engaged in a maternity leave and which hardly - hardly made ends meet, today opened the pass - factory on production of sweet “works of arts“.

And still it is possible to draw, learn to play musical instruments (so far the kid is awake), to mold any figures from clay, to dance, play sports, to talk with mummies to forums, to bring order and to do “nest“ cozy … Generally a lot of things can be done, being in the decree. The main thing - not to sit up on one place, and to continue to lead full life and to enjoy every minute, carried out with the kid.