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How to reduce perspiration of armpits?

This subject is especially actual for me as my nose is too sensitive to any smells. Besides, I remember many smells which I ever caught for many years … Somehow long ago there arrived to us on a visit a colleague of the husband, people - that it seems good, but here him I remembered a smell well … After its departure week of airing did not yield results. Perhaps, so it seemed to me …

How to reduce perspiration of armpits are known by all, but for some reason many do not attach it special significance. Still somehow it is possible to understand the person when on the street of heat, and from it smells then closer to the middle of day. But here when you come into the crowded bus early in the morning, and “towards to your nose“ such aroma … At once the person wants to give advice how to reduce perspiration and here education does not allow … For this reason I and wanted to write to

this article, perhaps, someone will read it and it will be much more pleasant to all to be in public transport … Of course, an important role is played by hygiene. Those who has an increased sweating should take a shower and in the morning, and in the evening. Sweating - usual physiological function of an organism. Someone suffers from the increased sweating, to someone this problem is unfamiliar … to

As a rule at all what is done by the majority of us, thinking how to reduce perspiration of armpits? Takes a shower and uses antiperspirants. The last act as follows: cork channels of sweat glands and do not allow sweat to come to light. As a result sweat, without having an exit, accumulates in an axillary hollow under skin. Consequences of such application of antiperspirants can be negative. The simplest that can happen - hypostasis in an armpit zone. After an evening shower let`s skin have a rest till the morning. After a morning shower, process a zone of armpits an antiperspirant …

to understand how to reduce perspiration of armpits, it is necessary to understand the nature of emergence of sweat. When to people hot - they sweat. Means, it is necessary to put on on weather. It is especially difficult to pick up clothes during a heat as without clothes down the street you will not go. It is worth paying attention to clothes from lungs, well blown fabrics in the summer.

Synthetics, of course, is not so rumpled as cotton or flax, but for summer it does not approach at all. Make experiment - put on at first a dressing gown from cotton, and then from viscose, you will feel at once how on a body “easy streamlets“ sweat will run. And it in spite of the fact that viscose is most “natural“ of all artificial fabrics … The composition of viscose is very close to composition of natural fibers … And though this fabric is hygroscopic and air-permeable, sweating under it is much more plentiful, than under cotton or flax.

As sweating increases with temperature increase of a body of the person, it is necessary to watch that it rose above norm less. It is necessary to avoid everything that can increase body temperature, and it: reception of alcoholic beverages, an illness and physical activities (if after them it is impossible to be refreshed in soul).

Frankly speaking, armpits not sweat (because it has no smell), and a fungus is the reason of a smell. Therefore if you do not like a smell from armpits, grease purely washed up skin with anti-fungal creams or ointments. Having destroyed a fungus, you will forget about a smell. Well and, that the fungus did not visit you again, support this zone of your body in ideal purity.

“Necessity is the mother of invention“ … So it also is. The people thought up a set of means from sweat . One of them act worse, others - the best, but all very individually. Each person will be able to pick up to himself the most suitable means. I most of all like the following recipe.

To take a half-glass of water, to bring it to boiling, to pour an oak bark teaspoon half, to insist in a thermos of minutes 20 - 30 and to pour there in juice of a half of a lemon. To filter and the remained liquid to process axillary hollows and a foot. After such procedure skin smells sweet as pleasant aroma, and the sweat smell somewhere is lost for some time, and it is quite enough this time that the body was pure from a shower to a shower …

Recently I saw the surprising means capable to protect you from sweat, and clothes from a smell and spots, and also inserts from wet armpits. A small flakonchik and what big serious work does! Having applied this means on skin, it is possible to enjoy pleasant aroma till 7 days. Of course, I would not recommend to use this means often, but how the emergency option why I and am not present? Let`s say the long trip in the train is necessary to you why not to protect themselves and fellow travelers from a sweat smell? The denatured alcohol and hydrate of chloride aluminum is a part. Than this means is good? The fact that it not only interferes with emergence of a smell, but also removes the cause of its emergence.