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How to paint hair with advantage?

are the simplest to paint hair, having visited a hairdressing salon. But the matter is that there hardly reflect how to paint hair with advantage. Most likely, will paint, but chemical dyes which not only will not bring benefit to your hair, but can do much harm them. really does not have

I option how it is possible to paint hair with advantage? Of course, is. For a long time people used vegetable dyes - basmy and henna. I still remember how my mother in youth bought these vegetable preparations. Then somehow everything was forgotten, and just now began to recur those moments when mother applied serially at first henna, and then a basma to the memory. Everything is good, but mother`s hair became a little bit overdried after a while. It appears if often to use henna, hair can become dry. Those who has oily hair by nature should not worry, and those who has hair already dry can recommend to add olive oil to mix.

Why it is useful to paint hair henna? Hair become elastic, brilliant, obedient, besides, use of henna promotes restoration of structure of the injured hair, reduction of formation of dandruff and acceleration of growth of hair. If you just want to treat hair, then it is possible to use colourless henna. If your purpose is coloring, then everything depends on what color you want to receive, what your initial color what structure of a hair. With extra care it is necessary to use henna after “chemistry“ (a chemical wave). The matter is that a hair after chemistry more porous, and the painting pigment grabs very quickly.

To paint hair with advantage, before coloring of hair henna or basmy (or their combination) it is necessary to wash up the head. If it turns out to use at the same time alkaline soap, then it is only plus as such soap promotes a softening of the top scaly layer of hair. As henna very quickly eats in skin, before coloring it is necessary to wrap up a neck a protective collar. Grease a forehead, temples and skin about neck hair with fat cream, otherwise skin will be painted. Be accurate if cream gets on hair, then they, as well as skin, will not be painted.

Basm and henna should part in any nonmetallic ware. Before application powder should be pounded properly to remove all lumps. Then it is necessary to add hot water to powder (temperature about 80 degrees), it is impossible to boil solution, otherwise “paint“ will lose the painting properties. It is necessary to apply gruel from henna or a basma warm (about 50 degrees). That mix did not cool down, it is possible to put ware in which it is, in hot water.

How to paint hair with advantage and not to look ridiculous and ridiculous? Probably, each woman whom for forty, remembers cases when after use of henna hair appeared a greenish shade. It appears, it occurred from - for not freshness of powder. The stale basma can provoke emergence of a rusty shade of hair. It is necessary to pay special attention to that powder was fresh. And if you use at the same time both a basma, and henna, then they have to be let out approximately at the same time. The basm of year prescription cannot use, and henna of week packaging as color can turn out unpredictable …

If to change a ratio of amount of powders of henna and a basma, and also to hold mix on hair different time, then it is possible to achieve fantastic results - from a light blond to issinya - black. If you not the fan of experiments, then accurately adhere to the instruction for application. After coloring of hair henna or basmy it is necessary to wash up carefully hair, but without use of detergents. As the basma is washed away gradually, it is better not to doderzhat it, than to overdo. Eventually, the basma is harmless therefore nobody will forbid you to use it repeatedly though next day.