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How to choose a perfume for women?

Good spirits are capable to raise the woman`s self-assessment, also as well as the low-quality composition can it there is no place lower below … Any spirits have to reveal in process “socks“. If something “sounds“ on your girlfriend, it does not mean at all what will suit also you.

The matter is that the body of each person has the hardly noticeable smell. Depending on it and from body temperature perfume will “publish“ different aroma.

How to choose a perfume for women that they pleased with the smell not only you, but also people around? Well, or were at least not unpleasant to them? I would advise those who likes to give to women spirits to be more careful. The matter is that women very unpredictable natures. Even if still yesterday this fragrant composition was her darling, then today at it tastes could already exchange … And it is quite possible that someone will postpone your gift in a case, having pretended that it is its favourite aroma, someone will state the indignation at once that not its it is a smell, and someone will use the presented aroma - it is pleasant or not, it is not important at all, but the mood will be on zero …

In ideal option, the woman has to choose spirits. Even if you never did it, sooner or later it is necessary to begin. I remember when I for the first time came to perfumery shop, I felt awkwardly. The benefit, with me there was a girlfriend who knew as as it is necessary to do. Because I did not understand, for anything there paper strips from any flakonchik it is possible to scatter … the Main thing governed

how to choose a perfume for women - not to hurry! It is impossible to buy the first bottle. The French perfumers advise “to oversleep“ with aroma which was pleasant to you. The matter is that any qualitative spirits have so-called notes. Therefore such expression “goes in life spirits sound“ - as in music of a note develop in composition, and in spirits. The perfumery composition conditionally consists of three notes: initial, notes of heart and final. And if you feel an initial note right after drawing composition, then final “reveals“ in several hours. And nobody can be sure that this final note will be to the taste to you …

the first minutes of acquaintance to aroma we inhale an initial note, as a rule, it consists their essential oils which quickly evaporate, having let pass to a heart note. The warm note also consists of essential oils, but less flying, that is more long keeping aroma. And only 10 - 12 hours later all “bouquet“ reveals, that is there are notable also final notes. For this reason, getting acquainted with spirits in shop, you cannot be sure that aroma precisely “yours“, without having felt all its notes.

How I choose a perfume for women? In - the first, I stock up with time and patience. Quickly I do not choose. Today I do not understand how it is possible to choose a perfume for women in 5 minutes … Personally to me bothered to attach on girlfriends the spirits which were not pleasant to me next morning … of

If I have free time - go to shop. I apply a drop of perfume on those white stripes, accurately not to get to myself neither on skin, nor on clothes. Previously I sign a strip not to be confused then from what flakonchik splashed here. It is enough to deliver couple of small letters a simple pencil. Why pencil? Because paste from the handle itself has a smell which I catch … Then from distance of 10 - 20 cm I wave a stripe before a nose. If aroma is not pleasant at once, I throw out a strip and I take another. If it is pleasant, I postpone a strip away to smell later once again.

Thus I can get acquainted no more than with five aromas, my nose is farther opposes, and I do not feel a difference in a smell … By the way, the French perfumers advise to get acquainted for once no more than with three compositions, but I distinguish to five … Having chosen the most pleasant of all, I apply it on wrist skin. As hands at me two, I can put two options of spirits. Houses I periodically smell a wrist. By the morning I already understand, I suit this aroma or not. If approaches, then I go and I buy. If does not approach, then I continue to experiment further.

Having chosen a perfume for women and having bought them, do not forget that aroma should not be much. Sometimes there is a lady, and her “loop“ of a smell of perfume. I had such neigbour, will pass in the elevator, and then there in the afternoon the smell of her spirits costs … It is pleasant not to all. Even the rule is: if you go on an important meeting with the stranger, do not use spirits because they can be unpleasant to your interlocutor … And the first impression consists of general “picture“: manners of behavior, clothes, a smell …

Follow the desires, you know now how to choose a perfume for women, but you should not forget that you live in society!