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Corporate holiday by own efforts. How to be prepared for action?

In spite of the fact that the number of agencies on preparation and carrying out holidays increases, in many companies still prefer to charge office parties to the employees. Quite often there is a question: what to begin with?

Classify everything, more precisely on daddies: from idea and the scenario before summing up. And then on action you will show to collective not draft option, and the holiday capturing all without chagrin and failures.

we Look for idea!

the Idea is, in fact, a peculiar festive suit which is tried on on the collective, pretends to be whether it will approach on a subject and expenses.

The idea should be described, i.e. to tell on paper what the idea consists in and as action will look. Mutual understanding with the boss at the statement depends on the accuracy of the description of the concept of a holiday. Best of all, and, perhaps, it will be so correct, to present “on court“ the managements, at least, two concepts. In - the first, it will lift the importance of the work done by you in the opinion of the director at once, and in - the second, it is easier to choose in comparison.

we Make the estimate of expenses

Alas, but reality such is that throughout all preparatory period the estimate is specified. Applying the mass of efforts to drawing up the list of expenses, as a result you receive either increase in some sums, or reduction. The last is, however, extremely rare. Therefore make the estimate with a stock, but within reasonable figures. It will relieve you of continuous circulation to the finance director behind the additional amount. It is pleasant to the management when you save, but you do not squander. we Script

the Scenario is, in general, the step-by-step instruction of actions of all participants of action. Accurately register when where and that will occur. And also menu, registration of the hall, musical background. Point behind point describe sequence of the events: who welcomes guests who hand corporate gifts when to step on the stage to Ivan Ivanovich etc.

In the scenario introduce names of all performances and their timing. Well and, of course, remarks of leaders of a holiday have to be thought over. From people who will be on a scene and to keep all program, percent on 70 the success of action depends. The professional will be able always to fill an unforeseen pause, to help out a successful joke. In a word, the leader is directly involved in creation of the festive atmosphere. we Choose by

the place for carrying out action

What to consider at the choice of the platform for a holiday? Number of guests and finance.

In your company, for example, 300 people, 200 of which work, it is supposed, will during the holiday, therefore, it is necessary to look for the room with placement not less than on 250 persons (taking into account guests of the company). Further we look at the available options from the esthetic point of view (nobody cancelled the first impression); we estimate comfort of placement: foyer capacity, a type of a scene, room make-up rooms, an arrangement of places in the hall etc. We consider technical capabilities: sound, light, video equipment, microphones and so forth. By the way, it is important to reflect in the contract whether security of technical part enters rent and who exactly is responsible for it.

we Look for performers

the Concert. Begin with local theaters, philharmonic halls, palaces of culture. There it is possible to get acquainted with actors of different genres, to hear responses, to take disks with records of performances. It is easier to choose when are familiar personally.

Banquet. Not less important part, than show. Full guests are happy guests. Therefore for drawing up the menu take couple of assistants from the company. The opinion of colleagues will help with the choice of dishes and will bring closer to tastes of the majority.

As for service, here a considerable role is played by trifles: quality of ware, tables and chairs, condition of cloths, work of waiters. Agree about everything in advance and include in the contract.

A photo - and video filming. Signing the contract with the photographer or the video operator, surely inform them of the scenario, and it is the best of all, leave them the reduced version of the scenario plan of action. And then you will be quiet for their work: the photographer and the video operator will finish shooting those moments of a holiday which you noted in the scenario.

Registration of the room.

it is the best of all for b to charge Registration by balloons to special agency. Order color scale and the scheme of ornament in advance, in the appointed day and hour check work of the performer. If at the enterprise there is own photoarchive, it is possible to order collages and to place them at mobile stands. The similar photo exhibition will occupy guests before action and in a break.

we Invite colleagues and guests

the Holiday begins with an anticipation of the holiday. Handing the invitation card printed in printing house or on the ordinary color printer you already give to the colleagues festive mood, stirring interest in the forthcoming event. we Carry out by


If you do not want an action failure, surely carry out dress rehearsal with actors, leaders, the sound producer. So you will work the scenario and will see each performer within your action, will manage to make changes, as necessary. we Sum up of

the results

That pleasant aftertaste from a holiday lasted, it is possible to please colleagues with the final photo report from action. And for yourself surely keep all practices of past holiday, having spread out them in the necessary daddies for archive. Organizational and creative experience is useful in preparation for the following action.