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Eternal fight against excess weight. How to eat in the fall?

Each person watching the weight and limiting himself in food notices that he a thicket is hungry in the fall it and it becomes more difficult to gorge on one vegetables and fruit. In the fall the person needs more essential food energetically valuable and rich with fats not to get under influence of autumn melancholy.

What fats and in what their advantage for an organism happen? Nonsaturated fats usually are considered as

more useful, than saturated. They contain in many products of a phytogenesis, in olives, avocado, nuts, soy. Meat products, as a rule, contain more saturated, than nonsaturated fats. Transfats generally contain in the food which passed processing.

Transfats - the fats received as a result of reaction of interaction of vegetable fats with hydrogen; it is the soft product which is ideally suited for pastries, they spoil not so quickly as vegetable fats. There is a lot of such fats in fast food and confectionery, but they are the most unhealthy fats. Availability of these fats in food increases risk of emergence warmly - vascular diseases.

It is the best of all to eat the saturated fats which are contained in meat, cheese and butter in the fall though you should not forget that consumption of a large amount of such fats is considered unhealthy.

Are more useful, than saturated fats - the nonsaturated fats which most often are found in fish and vegetables.

The polynonsaturated fats which are contained in sunflower oil, fat fish are considered useful to health. Fatty acids an omega - 3 and an omega - 6 belong to polynonsaturated fats.

The pieces of a salmon fried on a frying pan so that meat remained pink Tasty! And whether it is useful?

Fat fish is the product exclusively useful to health. Sea fish - a source of very important component of our diet - an omega - 3. Eating fat fish, you not only stimulate cerebration, but also struggle with a stress.

The trout, a herring, a tuna, the fresh or preserved salmons, sardines and a mackerel concern to fat fish.

Lettuce leaves, arugula, tomatoes of cherry are sprinkled by lemon juice And whether it is possible to strew them with pine nuts still?

Nuts and seeds belong to products with a high nutrition value. However owing to high content in them a fatty component and, respectively, big caloric content, nuts, as a rule, should not exceed 30 g in a daily diet of the person.

Almonds, a filbert, pistachios, cashew, a walnut, hazelnut, a pine nut, a Brazil nut and a peanut belong to nuts. Nuts contain significant amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, nickel, vitamin B1, B2, PP, E. V the autumn period vitamins superfluous will not be and the nonsaturated fats which are contained in them will add energy to our organism.

It is possible to have a bite the fat-free cottage cheese in the summer And in the fall?

Nutritionists consider that during the autumn period it is necessary to use fermented milk products with the high content of fat, rich with live cultures of pro-biotic microorganisms and prebiotics. Fat-free and with low interest of fat content fermented milk products are badly acquired in an organism therefore it is the best of all to choose products with fat content not lower than 2,5%.

Various products made from the genuine thermally processed milk without addition of not dairy components with use of special ferments and application of specific technologies belong to fermented milk products.

And it is so possible?

Breakfast. Tea, butter sandwich or several spoons of cottage cheese.
Lunch. A fried salmon with a thyme branch.
Dinner. A light salad with pine nuts.

be not afraid of i, from the use in food of the products containing fats, you will not recover, in that case if do not overeat, will watch the size of the portion and quality of the fats which are a part of products.