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Immemorial question: money is a good or the evil?

Immemorial question: money is a good or the evil? Only from a position of the social environment, money bears a certain importance. Are not necessary to the person living in the wood money. It has other values. In the social environment money bears energy. It is possible even to tell that in them energy is put. And energy of money is in how you treat them.

If you consider that money is the evil, then response of energy of money will be certain same. They will simply forget your monastery as you reject them initially. Usually such representations and others are put by our parents, relatives, school. In the childhood often spoke to us; “Not in money happiness“, “Money is the evil“, “It is better to live in poverty, but is honest“ and.

As the thought has energy, and in these programs put in us negative energy of money. That money got other sense it is necessary to change programs at the level of subconsciousness. That is to rewrite them.

So far as concerns money it is accepted to ask the poor: “How many you earn?“, and at the rich: “Your state is how big?“. Therefore the rich always consider as the real criterion the size of own capital, but not the size of a salary. Therefore their thoughts are directed to increase in own capital, but not as at the poor a wheedling - increase of a salary.

From here the rich grow rich, and the poor grows poor.

On the other hand ask any (with mentality of poverty) the person: He wants to be rich. He will naturally answer: “Yes I want“. But give it the solid sum. It right there profukat it. As his subconsciousness is not ready for a power wave of a stream and deduction of money. Process of code conversion of subconsciousness borrows somewhere, about twenty one - thirty days. It is connected with change-over of nervous impulses. As practice shows to have big money it is necessary to change mentality of poverty for habits of the rich and successful person. In other words it is necessary to think as the millionaire. To arrive as the millionaire.

Wealthy people are not cleverer than the poor at all. Just they on another, more reasonably, dispose of money.

It follows from this that, in - the first if you cannot dispose reasonably of money probably in you such scenario is simply put. In - the second, the probability that you cannot dispose of money easily and effectively is very high.

Everything is extremely simple: that - to force money to work, it is necessary to learn, it is correct to handle them. And an essence not in learning with them it is correct to address when there will be a lot of them, and an essence that there will be many money when we learn to treat them correctly.

Once again, it is necessary to change the relation to money only in a positive side.
of Another is not given. And to recognize that everything that happens to you as the fact that only you are guilty. And especially I want to emphasize that only you are guilty of all the troubles and sins and your views. And, eventually, it is necessary to understand that it is necessary to take the responsibility and to blame only itself, but not to depend on tips (salary) and actions of the state and the employer.

The destiny is not given from above it is formed by education, habits, actions. Change
habits, change a way of action, a name and remove from the subconsciousness the negative deposit to money which is brought up by your parents with school, etc. your welfare will change.

Follows from all this:
Principle of a solvency.
is Not so important quantity of money as the habit correctly is important to treat them.
Attitude towards them. Views (think as the millionaire), actions (behave as
the millionaire, arrive as the millionaire).