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Why Sam Brown at us know only according to one song “Stop“?

of Show - business, as we know, that sphere which is located directly on border of business and actually arts. On the one hand - creative ambitions, desire to self-actualize, with another - managers, the companies and producers who think first of all of how to profit by these ambitions.

Each creator solves this contradiction in own way: someone follows the tastes commerce, someone reasonably uses the first success and having gained strength itself begins to drive process, and someone fades into the background and remains in memory one bright hit.

The last also happened with Sam Brown (Sam Brown). Generally it is the woman, and Sam - reduction from a name Samantha.

Samantha Brown in the suburb of London was born on October 7, 1964, and musical career that is called on a sort was written to her. The father is Joe Brown - the fate - N - a beater executed, and mother - Vicki Brown - perfectly sang (her voice can be heard on albums T. REX of the beginning 1970 - x and John Lord`s solo performances from DEEP PURPLE). It is clear, that the family had communications in musical show - business, but besides Samantha had also a remarkable voice. Therefore she received the first royalties still in 12 - summer age - for podpevka in SMALL FACES group.

Further habitual everyday life bek - vocalists began - to stand imperceptibly on the edge of a scene and to echo “stars“. The voice Sam sounded in compositions of BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, SPANDAU BALLET, Schad. But to whom it would be interesting, do not decide bek - to begin the vocalist solo career.

In 1986 it concluded the contract with the A &M company and was accepted to record of the first solo performance to which wrote all material. In 1988 in support of an album the single under the name “Stop“ which slowly clambered on steps a hit - parade was let out until in 1989 it reached 4 - go the place.

To the Soviet listener of “Stop“, of course, it was remembered, first of all, by the clip where Sam Brown appears in an image of the sexual blonde dressed in red.

The song begins a quiet blues rhythm into which effectively and unexpectedly the vocal Sam - very sensual, emotional rushes, constantly changing where all shades of desperate passion are heard. Not without reason “Stop“ successfully competes with well-known “You can leave your hat on“ of Joe Cocker in the sphere of melodies under which like to execute a striptease.

Even without the translation clear that the singer sings about a habitual female subject of the woman - deceived, but loving. Like “They to us oceans of lie, and we devote them life...“

Literal translation:

Everything that I have, all this that you gave me.
You never worried that I will begin to depend on you?
Ya gave you all love which was in me.
Now I found out that you lay, and I cannot believe that it is the truth.

Embraced by her hands, I see you on the street. I cannot but become interested in
I whether she knows what occurs. You tell
about love, but you do not know what to feel, When understand
that you are not only.

Oh, well stop (to you better to stop) before you break off me all on part!
Well stop before you leave and will break my heart!
Well stop!

Over and over again I tried to leave. But it is not so simple
when your soul is broken off on two. Therefore I just subordinate to
myself this every day.
Now everything that I can make, leave it on your discretion.

logically, further. But history will not be.

Sam Brown (from interview Days. ru): “I wrote to
“Stop“ to Los - Andzheles in 1986. Actually, to me it just came, it did not correspond to that period in my life in any way, it is not autobiographical. Yes, it is really very sad song, very emotional song. It is obvious that I needed to write then it“.

By the way, the senior mentor Brown - David Gilmour (that, from PINK FLOYD), and on body took active part in arrangement of “Stop“ if he does not change me memory, John Lord played.

The success was made not only by the song, but also all album called also “Stop“, and the sold with a copies more than 2,5 million copies. Album really very strong and qualitative. The second - “April Moon“ - was already, on my taste, more weakly, though was sold in million copies.

It would seem, develop further the found vein and do not think of anything. But the matter is that Sam Brown did not suffer from “zvezdanutost“ at all and saw herself, first of all, the author - the composer. the real author writes
A what to it is dictated by soul, but not a record - the company. At the beginning of 1990 - x the soul Brown was sad (her mother died from cancer), and the album “43 Minutes“ left gloomy.

Sam Brown:
“Everything that I want - it is to sit down and compose songs on a piano, but not to think of copying of “Stop“.

Such obstinacy a record - the company did not estimate. The singer refused flatly to dilute an integral album with some commercial hits, redeemed record and published an album on own label very small circulation. It is clear, that the album did not make any success, and popularity Sam Brown was replaced by oblivion.

But the singer did not lose courage. At least, it had friends and a fine voice. It returned to the forgotten profession bek - vocalists, without forgetting to let out from time to time and solo albums. A voice Sam we can hear in the song “Fly Up To The Moon“ of the singer of Black (that that sang well-known “Wonderfull Life“), on albums DEEP PURPLE (“In concert with the London Symphony Orchestra“), PINK FLOYD (“Division Bell“, and also in round of “P. U. L. S. E“), George Harrison (his latest album “Brainwashed“).

There was also personal progress - as that a duet with the singer of Fish (the song “Just Good Friends“, 1995) and the song “Valentine Moon“ (from Dzhuls Holland album “Best of Friends“). And from solo albums, in my opinion, the album “Reboot“ of 2000 especially was successful.

Well and of course the song “Stop“ is not going to leave ply - sheets of radio stations and long ago lives life. For example, in 2004 it was successfully rehashed by the black singer of Jamelia, in 2009 - m - Joe Bonamassa, and the Russian singer Victoria Dayneko even made a Russian-speaking cover under the name “Hundred Steps“.