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Decorative onions. What is the allyariya and how to make it?

I in a garden, and in a kitchen garden it is possible to meet representatives of a sort onions of family of lileyny. Irreplaceable vegetable onion is a close relative of decorative onions from which it is possible to create a surprising garden of continuous blossoming - allyariya. Onion already more than six thousand years is known and esteemed by

at the different people. Its homeland - Srednyaya and Hugo - the western Asia, and also the Mediterranean. The unusual species of this plant surprised people since the most ancient times. The multiple layers of bulbs were used as model for the Universe structure explanation: considered earlier that the Sun, the Moon and other stars move in different spheres around Earth.

Ancient Romans believed that force and courage of soldiers increases at the use of onions therefore it was an obligatory component of a military diet. In Egypt this vegetable was considered as a sacred plant. Often found in sarcophagi near mummies onions bunches.

In the Middle Ages in many countries onions were used as the miracle amulet capable to protect the person from any troubles. Even Richard the First, the Lion-Heart, always carried an onions amulet on a neck.

In Russia onions stood special high in esteem. A set of proverbs testify to it:

Who eats onions, that is relieved of eternal torment.
Onions seven illnesses treats. Onions yes the radish, onions yes cabbage of dashing do not popustit

It no wonder that onions are popular and presently - its chemical composition is extraordinary rich with useful substances: essential oils, vitamins, complex of sugars, flavonoids, glycosides, enzymes, salts of calcium and phosphorus. And the dry scales contain brown dye.

Unlike vegetable, decorative onions will force to shed nobody tears unless from admiration.

The undoubted advantage of decorative onions - their unpretentiousness and winter hardiness. On a fertile soil many types can grow without podkormok and changes till five years. If to pick up plants of the corresponding types and grades, then since spring to the frosts the onions garden will please you with the blossoming.

How to create allyariya in the garden? First of all needs to pick up for it the solar place passing into a penumbra. It is desirable to use a relief site with presence of stones and snags as decor elements.

In my garden belotsvetushchy fragrant onions were the first decorative onions . It blossoms since the end of summer and to the middle of fall. Flowers are collected in gentle balls - umbrellas and are similar to graceful asterisks thanks to peaked petals.

At the careless address with these plants in several years they will captivate all garden, and during blossoming it will remind the infinite star sky. “White asterisks“ get accustomed in any place: on the sun and in a shadow, under trees and bushes, among stones.

Generally decorative onions love solar sites, but there are types which are perfectly feeling in a penumbra. For example, onions of the Moth with brightly - the yellow flowers collected in friable inflorescences. Blossoming at it long. With reproduction of problems is not present - forms a set lukovichek. Very effectively the kurtinka of these onions scattered among stones or snags look.

The lawful inhabitant of a penumbra - bear onions (ramson) . Its wide fragrant leaves are used in food. And at the end of May gentle white inflorescences cover with a fragrant carpet the earth.

A kind of a ramson - onions victorious - more powerful plant, blossoms at the beginning of summer white spherical inflorescences.

Spring flowers usually happen low, and here onions huge , blossoming at the beginning of May, one of exceptions. Its powerful tsvetonosa to one - one and a half meters are topped with lilac spheres of inflorescences. After blossoming leaves die off therefore it is desirable to decorate these onions with a thyme, alissumy or a nasturtium.

One more vesennetsvetushchy look - Suvorov`s onions : high tsvetonosa, to meter, are decorated with spheres with a diameter up to twelve centimeters. Blossoming at it long.

After these giants blossoms low shnitt - onions . It forms the dense bushes giving a lot of greens which can be eaten. Blossoms in May - June small dense inflorescences - balls lilac or it is red - claret color. This look is suitable for borders, perfectly looks among stones, and also in the foreground.

Christoph`s onions are interesting to , it is externally similar to an agave. In an allyariya it is better to place it in the foreground - it will be its worthy ornament. Blossoms in June perlamutrovo - the violet flowers collected in spheres with a diameter of 25 - 30 centimeters.

More than two months Schubert`s onions blossom . It differs in original blossoming: pedicels settle down in umbrella-shaped inflorescences on different length and come to an end with one flower.

One of the most beautiful onions - the onions hanging . Its leaves are edible, and lilac inflorescences remind flower fireworks.

In June - July onions blue blossom . Nebesno - blue a kolokolchaty form flowers are collected in dense umbrellas to seven centimeters in the diameter.

Brightly - inflorescences of undersized onions of Ostrovsky have pink coloring and pleasant aroma .

Though decorative onions are rather unpretentious, nevertheless it is worth following some the basic rules :

for landing they will allow to choose large bulbs - high tsvetonos and a large inflorescence;

the friable, well trained soil is necessary for onions;

they are exacting to the content of potassium in the soil, excellent fertilizer for them - ashes;

onions do not transfer podkormok fresh manure and a chicken dung. All variety of decorative onions cannot be listed to

. If you create in the garden a corner with the cheerful name of “allyariya“, then the good mood will be provided to you.