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How quickly to feed hungry grandsons?

Well, here! Again this footfall and a loud laughter at an entrance! Only you will concentrate, only you will grab by a tail tip seemingly necessary phrase, long-awaited thought - and on you! As though the herd of bisons rushes on a watering place!

Furious, I jumped out on a ladder. But noise reached already from below, and on our platform there was a neigbour. Having overhung in flight, she waved to someone a hand.

“Hi! - smiling, she told. - I apologize for noise. This hop - the company differently is not able. Boys, children still! Here, fed - gave to drink, and they ran further“.

I already a little the poostyla, but all the same was adjusted rugatelno - vorchatelno.

“Anything to! Such crowd to feed - to give to drink - heavy work for the grandmother - the pensioner! And than you them to yourself on a visit entice it? What for the menu magic?“

“Not magic, but situational, - laughed the neigbour. - Oh and what it we stand on a ladder? Give, come to me“.

She seated me on a sofa and put on a low little table a glass of cold juice and cookies in a wattled small basket. Itself settled in a chair nearby and continued the story about situational cookery. The word of honor, never I heard about such earlier.

“For example, situation No. 1. We with the grandfather live near the sea. Grandsons go to the beach, are much bought, and on the way home look on us, having already fairly got hungry. Usually for an hour before their visit the call is distributed.

- The granny, we to you will run?! - intonation interrogatively - affirmative. Further: - Ooh, what we are hungry!

Whether it is possible to refuse here?

When it happened for the first time, I rushed about on kitchen, without knowing, than to feed the got hungry youth. Now I near at hand always have several blitz - recipes and a set of necessary products. For myself I call it a lunch in one pan. To share a secret?“

Ya nodded, and the neigbour issued recipes of the happiness.

Recipe No. 1. Sausages goulash - for 4-6 portions.

Preparation of products - 7 minutes.
the Preparation time - 30 minutes.


- 50 g of margarine;
- 2 big bulbs cut in cubes;
- 1 red pepper too cut in cubes;
- 5 potatoes cleared and cut in cubes;
- 0,5 teaspoons of salt;
- 1 teaspoon of a sweet paprika;
- 8 cut juicy sausages;
- 1 tablespoon of dry chicken soup divorced in 2 - x water cups.


1. In a frying pan to dismiss margarine and to fry onions till golden color. To add pepper and to extinguish slightly.
2. To add potatoes to a frying pan, to mix. To add all other products and to extinguish on small fire of 20-25 minutes, to readiness of potatoes.

To give, having strewed with small cut parsley.

Ya - the attentive listener. Therefore I am loved by talkative people (my neigbour from such) Love, cherish and absolutely free of charge share the major achievements. Really, a secret of creation of a neutron bomb - nonsense in comparison with the following recipe which my sweetest neigbour not that did not hide, but tracked attentively that I correctly wrote down everything. And I wrote down.

Recipe No. 2. Chicken fillet with the Indian seasoning of a curry and rice in only 25 minutes - on 6
of portions.

Preparation of products - 5 minutes.
the Preparation time - 30 minutes.


- 6 pieces of chicken fillet;
- 2-3 teaspoons of a curry;
- 0,5 teaspoons of salt;
- 0,25 teaspoons of pepper;
- 1 glass of the washed-out rice.

For sauce:

- 1,5 glasses of orange juice;
- 0,75 glasses of water;
- 0,25 teaspoons of salt;
- 1 tablespoon of brown sugar;
- 1 teaspoon of mustard.


1. To mix in a curry pan, salt, pepper and to properly grate with the received mix chicken.
2. To separately mix all components of sauce.
3. In a deep pan to fill rice, over it to lay out pieces of fillet and to fill in with the sauce made in advance. To bring to boiling, to cover and extinguish 20 minutes until liquid is absorbed in rice. To switch off and leave under a cover for 5 minutes.

“You know what is couscous?“ - the neigbour asked me. She not in forces was to calm down, did not give me all secrets of fast feeding of young gluttonous grandsons yet. “Something east?“ - I showed resourcefulness.

“East, but now it can be bought in any supermarket. It is specially processed semolina“. From a mention of the semolina which spoiled my childhood I clearly shuddered. The neigbour, having noticed it, hurried to calm me: “It is very tasty“. Also gave one more strategic secret.

Recipe No. 3. Chicken with couscous - for 6 portions.

Preparation of products - 15 minutes.
the Preparation time - 30 minutes.


- 500 grams of the chicken fillet cut in cubes;
- 1 package (350 grams) of instant couscous;
- 1 bank (200 grams) of green peas;
- 2 big red bulbs cut by rings;
- the 3rd carrots, cut by large circles;
- 1 bank (250 grams) of largely cut fresh champignons;
- 0,5 glasses of the cut parsley;
- 1 teaspoon of caraway seeds;
- 2 tablespoons of white dry wine;
- 2 tablespoons of honey;
- 3 tablespoons of soy sauce;
- 4 crushed garlic gloves;
- 1 small cut bulb;
- 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil for frying;
- salt, black ground pepper.


1. To make couscous according to the instruction on packing. To add green peas, to mix, cover.
2. To warm vegetable oil in a frying pan.
3. To put red onions and carrots, to fry to a zarumyanivaniye.
4. To add the cut fillet and mushrooms. To extinguish on big fire, constantly stirring slowly until meat turns white.
5. To add parsley, spices, wine, honey, soy sauce, garlic, onions. To cover and extinguish on small fire of 5 minutes.

To give, having laid out fillet with vegetables over couscous.

... Whether it is worth being surprised that grandsons of such grandmother are cheerful happy children!