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How to take driving test? Five steps from dream to reality of

that the car not luxury, but a vehicle, for most of people for a long time an axiom. The car in hands - and you as a bird, it is free. Went to work, to rest, brought children to school, stopped by in a drugstore - in a word how many affairs in a day it is possible to manage to make when you are able to drive and the rights are! needs to acquire

But these rights still. Life forces to study a time to driving both in 30, and in 40, and in 50. Perhaps and study comes to someone easily, and everything turns out at once, but as practice shows, not at all similar progress is observed.

What to do? To repeat indefinitely? To look for ways of receiving the rights in circumvention of the law? I think, neither that, nor another suits you. Here several simple, but, in my opinion, right steps which will help to pass successfully a way from the cadet of driving school to the driver of the car.

first step. You decided to be learned and take driving test

Is probable, you are surprised (as it is not higher education institution), but it is necessary to prepare for driving school in advance - month for 2-3. As soon as made the decision to become the cadet of driving school, begin to adjust yourself psychologically on the fact that you should pass from category of pedestrians (passengers) in drivers of the car soon.

Sitting in a passenger seat, do not spend in vain time for an admiring a landscape behind a window. Try to watch what operations are performed by the driver. Pay attention to traffic light signals, turning on of blinkers etc. Remember routes which you go by bus or a taxi. “Habit“ to the road very much will help in practice subsequently.

Acquire the book about traffic regulations (Traffic regulation) in which you will find also road signs. It is not necessary to learn, but it is worth examining. The general concepts about the main road, a marking, road signs will help to penetrate on the first occupations into a subject quicker especially as time for studying is limited.

Step of the second. You became the cadet of driving school

Treat occupations seriously. Do not postpone studying of the theory on “tomorrow“ or on “then“. Daily, besides occupations, find time for independent studying of a subject. Solve tickets every day. Sort unclear situations on occupations together with the teacher. Before practice you should have no “failures“ in the theory.

Step the third. You began practice


Remember that in the majority instructors do not possess a stock of pedagogical and psychological skills for your training. At best they are excellent drivers and patient instructors. Therefore do not wait that for you will look for some special approach in training in driver`s craft. Do not become reserved, do not fall into a hysterics, do not “throw“ a wheel, and help the instructor to teach you to driving. Sort road situations, difficult for you, “squeezing out“ as much as possible knowledge from your teacher. Believe, the genuine desire to learn to go by rules causes respect.

Step the fourth. You need to find “common language“ with the school vehicle

Learn “to feel“ the car. “Iron“ can be whimsical too if not to seek to it to listen. Therefore try “to study“ the machine on which it is necessary to do practical training on the first occupations. Only the hands and legs you will feel with what force to twist a wheel and to press pedals. Ability “to feel“ the car and quickly will help to get used to it at sudden change of the school vehicle.

Step the fifth. At state exam in traffic police you need to show only that you know and you are able

A as you honestly attended classes, know tickets, successfully did practical training, there is nothing to be afraid of examinations to you. Better instead of experiences and fears sleep properly - it is in - the first. In - the second, do not stuff yourself with soothing tablets, it is removed not so much by stress how many disturbs concentration of attention. And in - the third, do not listen to “scary“ stories “skilled“ which hand over already several times. You were prepared - and at you everything will turn out!

I wish good luck to all beginners. Dare in driver`s business, and all roads will be open for you!