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We read and decipher the SMS from the Universe? Deification of an apofeniya

of Omne ignotum pro magnifico est. All unknown is represented majestic. (Thucydides, “Agricola“)

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a thoughtful reasoning about “destiny signs“. Its essence that the Universe (all Universe - galaxies, congestions of galaxies etc., we not petty) so cares for each of us that leaves different Signs on our way.

Here for example, you gather for interview concerning new work. And - time! in the course of collecting you spill on yourself borsch. In total: it is the Universe gives us the Sign: work will be bad.

Moreover, the author of a note sacredly believes that endowed with intuition quite so and is done. “Skilled seamen will never put out to sea if there is a signal that it is possible to expect any troubles“. Yes they always should be expected: the sea is not a lawn! And to prepare for them, but to consider not black cats...

The simple fact that skilled seamen put out to sea when there is the necessary wind, weather and other real conditions and also when it has a contract or planned flight, - passes by specific consciousness of “intuitionalist“. If the captain is guided by cats and some muddy signs, but not a navigation situation and the schedule of flights - he will be quickly expelled. And pilot? Flights are painted about one minute, an air passage too, three hundred passengers are registered - and here his black cat broke a mirror an empty bucket! Everything, we do not fly anywhere? Airlines will be ruined on penalties and legal claims...

Of course, everyone can state here in comments ten absolutely truthful true-life stories of the familiar girlfriend of the grandmother of the mother-in-law. By the principle “will not come true - it will be forgotten“. And about too. The person meets every day a domestic black cat. But in usual days right there forgets about it, and in unsuccessful can remember.

There is also one more reason: trusting in certain signs exactly thanks to the belief becomes dependent on them, in advance it is adjusted on failure. It is no wonder that they “come true“. If you, going for interview, are sure that “there was a Sign From above that everything will be bad“, - will uncertainly answer questions and with a sour look, to be distracted by thoughts of “a borsch sign“, and your chances will strongly fall. And - oops! did not take... here it, Destiny Sign! The vicious circle turns out: signs come true because trust in them; and the more often they come true, the more these trust in them etc.

Sometimes “destiny signs“ happen rather fancy. And even they are not always incorrect. For example, the case from discussion given as argument in favor of “signs“. Somebody, leaving the house, fell and got a change. Cured a change, left and right there again fell, regained consciousness - plaster. And what? Doctors found at it an illness osteoporosis. And all previous cases were “Destiny signs“! The Universe warned, understand?

Or here besides: it was cut when shaving in the morning, poured coffee, scattered sugar, dropped a mobile phone, could not get to the lock a key, the car was not started, at last went, and please - got into accident. And the Universe as warned: if at you hands after yesterday`s so shiver and coordination is broken - do not take the wheel! Natural supernatural sign of destiny, and how? The highest knowledge!

It what intricate head should be had so to argue? If the person monthly wrings hands - legs, then it is not an occasion to go to be examined, and a destiny sign that it has an osteoporosis. If your doggie does not bark the third day, does not eat and does not breathe - it is a sign from above that she died. And if at you in kitchen something hisses and smells of gas - it is a sign from above that it is necessary to call gas-men... All this destiny signs... not otherwise. As at some the head is intricately arranged!

By the way, about the head. There is such scientific term:

of Apofeniya (from Greek - “I state judgment, I do obvious“) - the experience consisting in ability to see structure or interrelations in casual or senseless data. The term was entered in 1958 by Claus Conrad (German of Klaus Conrad) which defined it as the “unmotivated vision of interrelations“ which is followed “by characteristic feeling of inadequate importance

Apofeniya often serves as an explanation of paranormal or religious statements and is used in journalistic speculation. For example, the hair dryer - Shui - a typical example of false interrelations. Put a toad in a hall, and in half a year raised a salary. The bathroom against a door - the husband will leave. And so on. There is no interrelation, but all this is thoughtfully stated, seasoned with east color, strewed with esoteric slovesa and works - it is possible to cut money from persons interested to give them. I do not speak about simoron which borders on a disease state and forms natural totalitarian sects.

In special literature there are examples of studying of the phenomenon of an apofeniya in psychiatry:

Shortly after his son committed suicide, the bishop James A. began to see intelligent messages in such things as a stop of hours, an open pin, the corner formed by two cards lying on a floor. He thought that they report time when his son was shot (Christopher 1975: 139).

The neurologist Peter Bryugger (Switzerland) gives examples of an apofeniya from Strindberg`s work “The madman`s confession“: “He sees sticks on the earth and notices that they form the Greek letters which interprets as an abbreviation of a name of the person. He feels that he knows now - this person pursues him“.

Other patient, having seen in a hand at the passerby “belomor“, right there deciphered: “Belomor - a white pestilence, a pestilence is a death, it is a sign that he wants to kill me“. Well and that... outfitted him a shovel.

Scientists explain:
Feature of this stage of an attack is that are broken not ability of perception of objects and phenomena in them spatially - the temporary relations, and personal sense perceived, its value for the patient. In memories of real events patients the circumstances and details “proving“ fidelity of the fantastic concept which are earlier not noticed by them come to light.

That is it not that that insane. The person can be and is healthy. It is quite balanced, in the place and time is guided, it is integrated into society. But in his perception small insignificant events get unfairly great value and are treated as the hint of the careful Universe. Well, she worries that you not go to that work. And borsch warns.

It is even more convenient if the person listened to signs and did not go anywhere. He and himself, and all acquaintances assures that he here if goes, then for certain something bad would happen! But he is that a good fellow, it has an intuition!

Besides very few people acquire something and takes into account the principle “after that - does not mean thereof“ . And still ancient Romans formulated it. Again quote:

“There is nothing more silly and more carelessly how to look at a new moon through the left shoulder. Old Hank Banker once has a look here so moreover and bragged. And what? Did not pass two years as it in a state of intoxication fell down from a drobolitny tower and rasshibsya, one may say, in flat cake; it was put between two doors instead of a coffin and, spoken, and buried; I did not see it, and heard from the father. But, of course, there was it because that he looked for a month through the left shoulder as the fool“. (Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) So let`s soberly think of

, misters. This is still Lomonosov spoke. The only right bad sign is to go at night to the wood in a luggage carrier.