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Values denezhney and human

For a long time I am fond of collection of information about money. He agrees with many authors of articles about discredit of money as financial instrument. Evgeny Dovgel very correctly painted the nature of money and their actual cost, and lack of actual cost is more right. The credit animator, the corruption making formations of cost of the final products do the part, depreciating our habitual means of exchanging.
Many describe their physical nature, but very few people penetrate into crossing of a spiritual component of the person, with material requirements.
In courses of the economic theory is said about the fact that now money is supported only by trust of citizens. But trust of citizens are only a little bit of what is granted to the paper called by a means of exchanging. People spared money the lives, having changed polarity of values …
Very few people realize this fact, but nevertheless it so. If earlier money was the tool for achievement of dream, the vital purposes, then now money becomes the purpose and dream. And it in a root is wrong and dangerous!
Remember times when we dreamed to be astronauts, engineers, doctors … when the advantage for society, achievements in various areas for the purpose of its development was the purpose of the person.
A that now? Mad race in aspiration of production of the maximum quantity of money, spending them for worthless ravings. And the kind of activity is already not so basic if only the salary was higher. People do not shun any human principles, attempting upon the settled shrines, not reckoning even with related bonds. And whether it is worth falling to such an extent, without pressing at the same time in the nature of money for the sake of what we mutate in heartless greedy beings?
of People, in turn, only thoughtlessly gryaznt in greedy thirst of money more and more. Becomes the heartless consumer of everyone and everything. Having granted to money the boundless power, being on sale for money and selling everything for money, people became their hostages. Having tried only once consumer ability, the person begins to lose a spiritual component. To the person always a little! It is unimportant what to buy - the machine for a hairstyle of hair in ears, a spoon with autoheating, an automatic chesalka for a back! In total more! For what?
All life cycle is reduced to an uninterrupted exchange work - money - goods, losing the creative purposes.
Producers also use a situation, inventing uncountable “unique and useful“ the goods capable I am eager to satisfy the person in useless purchases. The priority of the producer is not continuous development, and benefit (profit) any more.
the Producer of shovels invented the automatic machine for an earth digging-up capable to dig up 10 Hectares a day. Arranged production. And here the engineer of the producer thought up a shovel capable to dig up 1000 Hectares a day. The producer will never produce this model at once. For us, thanking a miracle - to marketing!!! in a year when all get used to old model, the model on 20 Hectares a day will be produced … the person will receive improvement, producer - money, the engineer - an award. And real progress will drag on for 20 years. And all are happy.

of Separate conversation, but not within this record, the subject of formation of cost of goods which in turn, forms the cost of money deserves. 2 absolutely identical dresses, but with different labels can differ in the price to 10000 times!
A many since small years hammer into the heads of children “Money - the main thing in life!“. Yes for money it is possible to buy now practically everything, even someone`s life. But it is not a merit of paper at all, and degradation of the person to the greedy animal who lost any ideas of morals and values ready to sell and be on sale. whether
So it is worth trying so for the sake of money in their existing address? Whether it is worth turning them into the purpose? I sincerely want
that everyone read picked in the head and carried out audit of values and the purposes, and after - shook out all artificial and came to values truly human.
correctly to be stirred up, it is necessary to remember and understand that a main goal of work at all not money, and creation something useful to, the family, society in general. Each person, working, has to think it is creative.
do not think that I am offended by life. I work in the prestigious company, I receive good money and my family is provided, but I am haunted by an environment of people - monetary vampires.