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Fantasy “Chronicle“. Why people do not fly as birds?

Admit, you dreamed to find superhuman opportunities more than once. To become incredibly strong, excessively clever, stunningly successful, even immortal. And that charisma flew from all cracks. The person is so weak and we depend on external factors that this desire is quite reasonable.

The problem is that these imaginations about own superiority often are generated not by good intentions. We are inclined to consider physical power, intelligence and other superabilities as a step to the boundless power. And instead of the question “What to Do?“ we are more often set by dreams on “that it to make?“

At cinema superheroes by all means personify virtue. They impetuously save the world, are concerned about the disadvantaged and fearlessly enter fight with superior forces of the opponent. Attempts to leave from a stereotype became repeatedly, but without special enthusiasm. The brightest representative of the anti-heroic comic book are the “Keepers“ of Zack Snyder who visually showed that any superforce is not so much advantage, how many a burden. The inability to commensurate own opportunities and to bear responsibility for the acts can lead to sad consequences. As, for example, in the fantastic thriller of 2012 “Chronicle“ of the director Joshua Trank.

… Gloomy existence finally cowed the senior Andrew. A constant stress at school where it is not shpynyat only by lazy. Absence of the true devoted friends. And total pressure of the house. Mother slowly dies away from cancer, and daddy, the former firefighter on disability, fills in a sadness and longing with alcohol, for hours stays at a box and periodically beats the offspring without any powerful reason. It is simpler to hold back the relations with an opposite sex. The only outlet in Andrew`s life is his cousin Matt and a video camera which the guy does not let go, imprinting the sad everyday life.

Such as Andrew - millions. Unlucky, embittered, devastated. But only the destiny provided it chance to change the life once and for all. Together with the brother and local “star“ of a school political Olympus, black Steve, Andrew finds a mysterious opening in the earth. Obviously artificial origin. Having gone down at own risk in a hole, these three find alien something. And suddenly find inhuman abilities.

At first teenagers just amused vanity. Telekinesis, a levitation, invulnerability became in their way to diversify life and to receive new feelings. Without knowing plainly where to apply the talents, they are kidding over peers, put over themselves experiences and have a good time to the full extent. But not Andrew. The meek creature precisely knows that his time came. He is interested in mild jokes and tomfoolery of friends a little. He quite understands that he can manipulate people and manage the justice over offenders. Its theory is simple - the person should not suffer a remorse, clapping a fly. And if it, Andrew, any more not a creature shivering, but an alpha - the predator, a dominant, then are why the hell necessary these doubts in own correctness?.

The new genre of pseudo-documentary is not a fashionable trend, not amusing experiment, and quite taken place current in cinema. The formula of success is simple and ingenious at the same time - the object, but not means is at the center set. While large Hollywood and European film studios pump hundreds of millions into large-scale epic panels, pay the unprecedented fees of stars and stamp sequels and remakes, certain film figures found other way to interest public. The viewer was so tired of media persons, conveyor plots and an infinite beating the air that the word “blockbuster“ will get abusive shade soon.

Such projects as “The witch from Blair“, “The paranormal phenomenon“, “Apollo 18“, “Monstro“ and others, despite ridiculous budgets, little-known faces of performers and modest means of expression, suddenly began to enjoy wide popularity. However, still the pseudo-documentary surely feels only in two directions. Frame of a new genre is made by horror films and a fantasy because exactly here best of all contrast between real and fictional is felt.

Joshua Trank`s tape did not become an exception though authors also did not begin to treat audience to idiotic statements about allegedly “the found films“. And the picture of “Chronicles“ only partially mows under amateur shooting. Authors made a compromise, using obviously unrealistic, computer special effects together with an ordinary story about the whipping boy who intended to show all a kuzkina mother.

For Trank “Chronicle“ became a debut in direction and very successful. In world hire the tape of 10 times paid back 12 mln. dollars spent for it that only confirms prospects of a genre “to of mockumentary “. The most important that unlike horror films like “Paranormal phenomenon“ and “The last exile of a devil“ which begin to copy themselves already now authors of “Chronicle“ offered the viewer a bit different approach. What was always not enough in “Spiderman“ or “Batman“? Superheroes constantly fight with equal to. In such fight the effect of superiority is as if lost. Creators of “Chronicles“ entirely opposed newly appeared supermen to ordinary people that repeatedly strengthens effect of what was seen.

A moral message at the movie plain will also quite be coordinated with what we spoke in the beginning about. Access to the power in any forms is simply contraindicated to other people. The main character Andrew (performed by the teleactor Dane Dekhaan amazingly similar to young DiCaprio) is a typical villain from comics, only in a germ. This fellow did not plan to take world supremacy. He just dreamed to punish the foes. And when such opportunity at it appeared, it was not ashamed to use it wholly.

Having assured itself that at its level of development no moral values matter, it vents all the pain and rage. Only, unlike comical villains, Andrew causes not rejection, but pity and sympathy more likely. As the character of “Bumer“ used to say: “Not we such, life such“. What, certainly, does not justify Andrew`s acts at all. But at least explains where the dog rummaged.

In other words, Trank removed something between a usual popkornovy fantasy and the social drama about the difficult teenager. Andrew Detmer - not some there “spiderman“ or “the doctor angrily“, not the scandalous geek and not the glossy fighter against crime. Just victim of circumstances. The victim, but not the lucky as could seem to other envious persons. For it the found gift became that last straw which overflowed a patience thicket.

Undoubted plus of debut work of Joshua Trank is also genuine sincerity. Both director`s manner, both simplicity and realness of dialogues, and professional game of young, talented actors. Yes, one of scriptwriters, Max Landis is the native son of the famous Hollywood comedy dramatist John Landis, the creator “Brothers the Blues“, “Trips to America“ and “To trade places“. But unless vital bonds mean ability to write? Credibility to “Chronicle“ is given by undoubted enthusiasm of her authors that meets now quite seldom.