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To become more beautiful in 5 minutes? Easily! To Decorate

with itself this world - not only dream, but also a duty of any woman.

I am deeply convinced of it and, I think, having a little thought, you will agree with me:-)

And now we will long not argue, and we will do one small exercise. It will take no more than three minutes you, be not afraid, I make thrifty use of your time.

It will be good if you have a small mirror - it that in it all your person was visible.

There is it on a table or you hold it in hand - is not important at all. If it is absent - another will approach, it is more.

There is a mirror? We begin a session of instant transformation!

So. Remember some trouble which very strongly angered you. Remember properly, enter a condition of rage and anger.
Turned out? And now look at yourself in a mirror. How your person looks? Whether you are pleasant to yourself when you are angry and become angry?

And now remember some failure, disappointment. Enter a condition of the unlucky person - and again look at yourself in a mirror. How to you your reflection? Whether causes delight?

And now To you it was sometime rather terrible? For example to ask the chief to raise a salary or to tell the husband something that will obviously not please him or Look in a mirror at the scared and helpless person. Oyyyyy In vain I offered it to you, oh, in vain!

And now Now came it is time to get prettier at last.

So... Akhalay - makhalay, we start magic transformation!

Remember please some very much - very happy moment of the life. A condition of pleasure, love, flight - also look rather in a mirror.

Look at the shining eyes, at a charming smile, note as your skin instantly was smoothed and began to shine. Next internal world, that internal happiness which you are literally impregnated now - this light is visible not only you, but also everything surrounding. It as a magnet attracts to you other people - including that is important, representatives of an opposite sex...

I think, also that from where all these opposite wrinkles on a face undertake, and how it is possible to get prettier only in 5 minutes is clear to you now.

The recipe simple, use on health!