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How to find work of the dream? The company of my life

Let`s say the person decided on business of the life. There was a trifle: to find the employer who is ready to offer the acceptable terms, and, above all, - to take you! But here ill luck: employers suitable are, and do not take the young specialist. Why it occurs?

Well, for example, because the young specialist himself is confused. It, inexperienced, goes on interviews with the first not indicative summary. He does not know that to tell about itself(himself) and as, forgive for a pun, itself to sell.

And how itself to sell?

of In - the first to cease to be afraid! Timid the employer does not love. They a little what will be able to achieve in life. And here courageous, even risky (moderately), strong-willed, those which set before themselves the purposes reach them and aspire to bigger, is always a find. Even employers are often ready to train the inexperienced, but courageous expert. Because in the market it is not enough good shots.

In - the second to make the correct indicative summary.

It makes sense to remember b everything that can be useful to the chosen position.

Perhaps, it is worth mentioning the youthful achievements. Naturally, they have to be suitable on sense to required vacancy. For example, information: “Created and successfully realized hundred models of planes on program control on the basis of an aircraft modeling circle“ at employment the aircraft designer, will be very much even by the way!

By the way, inspectors for work love when achievements are specified in clear, measurable indicators. Remarkably, if it is made in figures! The sales manager declaring the progress in the field is recommended to concretize everything. For example: “Within three months due to effective telemarketing increased sales for 15%“. Naturally, at such formulation it is necessary to understand how calculation was made.

Other valuable recommendations about drawing up the summary can be received at employees of recruitment agencies. And it is not obligatory for money. Nobody cancelled the simple human relations!

When made the indicative summary, - it is necessary to meditate over it. to Believe in what is told: I actually reached it and I am able to do. Yes, yes, happens not easy to believe in beauty of the formulated words! Because the praise to itself is often unusual and even confuses.

As to the self-assured person it is good to span to think over possible versions of answers to widespread questions.

“What you have advantages? “ or “That is your main advantages?“ - this very good questions. Here it is possible to praise itself long. Even it is inadequate. Because as my chief spoke: “In business of 25% of a bluff - it is normal“.

“What you have shortcomings?“ Attention, the employer decided to check your adequacy. And here very well honestly to list some shortcomings. But there is not a lot of. And it is obligatory to block them advantages. It can look approximately so: “I do not know the program 1C. But quickly I acquire new information, and in particular, quickly I master computer programs (it is possible to give an example)“.

Well etc. The list of widespread questions can be understood quickly on the course of visit of interviews.

the correct relation to refusals is important to develop in itself. For example, the sales manager has a rule: “Five soglasiya on hundred refusals - norm“. But do not go in cycles in this statistics. Because everyone it the also always has field for its improvement.

Ask questions to the employer. not only he elects the worker, but also his expert. How many years your company exists in the market? What social policy at the company in relation to pregnant women? (this question, unfortunately, in the Russian reality only the man safely can set). How you develop the experts? What prospects of career development at me? What relationship you support in collective? What achievements of workers you encourage and how? Etc. But, not strongly be fond. The overestimated requirements can strain the personnel officer, in turn. Think over that is the most important for you.

By the way, about importance. Here it was necessary to begin with it. Before looking for work, it is necessary to formulate its main characteristics . It is necessary to understand that you look for. There is enough 5 - 7 points for the answer to a question: what it, your dream?
I most true to be guided by the company in which it is ready to work for years, but not to jump as a grasshopper from one grass in another. It already then if it is not pleasant - you will leave. But it is better that it was pleasant at once.

And here when decided by on the company of the life, be not afraid to be persistent . Happens, the employer refuses. And you all the organism feel that it is necessary exactly here. Go here until the employer believes that you also are their happiness. Well, or until you are convinced that “well and fools“.

I know a story about the girl who very much wanted to get desirable job. But there was no main requirement: knowledge of the necessary program. And it did not confuse the candidate at all. As well as the fact that it was not accepted neither from the first interview, nor from the second, nor even from the third.

The dream is more important, than any there little things in life! And for its realization it is possible also the program to study, both to tell lies, and to force the employer to believe that they need you.

The pretender was also engaged in it. She achieved interview on which she about herself told lies. Like, I know the program, I am able to work. The maker, thanks to persistence and inflexibility (which bribed the surprised personnel officers and the head of department) accepted. And then the girl had to study a subject at night.

Of course, the chief quickly realized that the new employee played a cunning trick at employment. Also asked it a direct question:
- you do not know?!
- I do not know! - quickly the girl answered. - But I will learn and I will understand!
- I give you exactly a month.

And she took this month, and mastered all necessary functions, and surpassed itself! As far as I am aware of affairs, this respectable lady now - one of managing directors of this company. Here to you and aspiration to the purposes …

So, love yourself, dear readers and reach all desirable tops, everything in this life is possible!