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How to find work of the dream? Business of my life of

A what it is work of my dream? Probably, such where pay much? Č / or where there is a good corporate policy, a friendly staff, the pleasant atmosphere. And are respectful to me, love and appreciate. Yes, and one more detail: work of my dream is that which wants to do. Isn`t it?

It is necessary to understand that for example, to the young specialist who just left the highest (or an average) educational institution, at once a lot of money will not be given. Become at first the professional, show what it is capable of, and then and the offers standing will appear.

Sometimes for the sake of favourite business at first it is necessary to agree to “ridiculous“ conditions. Only to study, accumulate experience. Such situation - normal. It is necessary to suffer. And approximately in a year at a good deal of the beginner can already recognize for the expert. And it means that it is possible to declare a decent salary and other desirable conditions safely.

Respect, authority, good collective - all this too the things enclosed over time. If the person the expert in the business, strives for professionalism, conquers all new and new peaks, then it will be surely noticed and appreciated. And the respect for itself and for people around will always be pledge of the benevolent relations in collective.

In definition of the dream it is necessary to be guided by the one and only criterion: that you want to do all life (ideally). Not results and not laurel wreaths have to concern. And activity - as process. Everyday, tiresome, bothering. And this ordinary should be loved. Not to force itself and not to convince that “it is pleasant to me“. And naturally to last with all the heart.

Activity also has to be emotional feed, an energy charge, strangely enough. Then there will be no tension or need to rely on public opinion, an assessment, approval or criticism. But there is always a good mood, pleasure and slackness. And, above all, there are forces to make contrary to, when necessary: persistently and diligently.

For such serious choice, of course, it is important to be able to hear himself. To feel and understand desires, interests, aspirations. It is necessary to investigate the world, to try it, to taste. Each person has certain bents, sympathies, aspirations. They will also prompt to what kind of activity the soul most of all lies.

For understanding and realization of the dream it is necessary, to all other, self-confidence. It gives necessary freedom in the choice of actions and decisions. Allows to arrive on own understanding, a chuvstvovaniye, desire and by that opens a way to all fulfillments.

Of course, it is good if the child realized the calling in the childhood. Well, or at least in youth. Then will go from the very beginning in one direction, to be improved in it, to accumulate experience and knowledge.

Therefore, mothers and children, begin to think of the addictions right now! Especially as bents of the child, as a rule, begin to be shown already at school. The main thing to give it reasonable vent not to restrain in soul rushes, to learn to be to the right purposes and ideas. To be able not to throw everything on the middle, and always to achieve result, to reach a logical conclusion.

If it is impossible to define the bents, it makes sense to visit the psychologist and to talk to it on this subject. Except rendering the individual professional help in self-determination, the expert can carry out the test for career guidance which will slightly open still hidden abilities.

But the main, of course, this own desire, aspiration to self-determination.

When there are serious intentions, then there are both ways and ways of realization of all most treasured dreams!