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How to make the complaint to officials on the Internet?

the Internet - technologies actively take root into our everyday life and already yield the first positive results. In Moscow there were portals where it is possible to complain of a condition of capital streets, improvement of the city yards and that is important, of the outrage which is created in housing and communal services.

Therefore I will tell where to direct and as it is correct to issue the complaint on the Internet.

Of course, you should not expect that creation the Internet - resources for submission of complaints will solve all our problems suddenly. Officials always prefer to give on letters of citizens formal answers - formal replies. However sent on the Internet - a portal the complaint has chance to be satisfied as it will be precisely transferred to destination. Especially as it will be much simpler to check reaction of the corresponding city services to the complaint made thus to supervisory authorities.

It is necessary to make the complaint on the Internet correctly.

In - the first , it is necessary to be registered on available the Internet - resources, entering the real name and a surname, and also a contact information (e-mail and phone). Perhaps, officials will need to specify something on your problem. Keep in mind that anonymous complaints will not be considered.

In - the second , it is necessary to state an essence of a problem and your requirements specifically. For example, how to write the complaint on the Internet concerning purity and an order in the yard of your house? The message has to be short and contain concrete requirements. Do not hesitate to specify quantity of garbage, the garbage can smell floating in your open windows, the size of a hole in which the child can fail a period, during which the problem etc. is observed, of

It is necessary to avoid the general formulations and phrases, type “I ask to eliminate the specified all outrage“. If there is opportunity, post photos in which it is visually visible what specifically you complain of. It is desirable to place the complaint in the Internet with names and contacts of witnesses who will confirm your claims. In this case the complaint is considered collective and more priority. Whenever possible specify what organization is responsible for an order and purity in your yard.

If the complaint in the Internet is issued thus, then it will be more difficult for officials to ignore it, having got off with the formal reply, or in general to declare that such problem does not exist.

What happens to your complaint made on the Internet? At first it is checked by service of moderation. If written by you conforms to the available requirements to rules of the website, then the complaint is placed on a portal. Otherwise to the complainant the notice of a deviation comes to publications.

Further your complaint goes to that organization which has to be responsible for a problem, in our example - for an order and purity in the yard of your house. Authorities or the organization, having received the notice about the Internet - a resource, check whether the complaint is true. If this is so, then the problem has to be fixed with sending the official answer to the complainant. On the capital portal “Our City“ the answer has to be given within 8 working days from the moment of submission of the complaint.

Where to complain on the Internet. Let`s provide the available list of portals:

“Our city“ of gorod. mos. ru / - for complaints of citizens concerning a condition of communications, house adjoining parkings, improvement of the yards and so forth;
“Roads of Moscow“ of www. doroga. mos. ru - for complaints of citizens to a paving, operation of traffic lights and street lighting;
“Houses of Moscow“ of dom. mos. ru / - for submission of complaints to work of Management companies (the portal has to earn completely at the end of May; testing is now held, but it is already possible to learn what UK serves your apartment house);

The Internet - portals for complaints of citizens which have to appear by the end of this year:

www. zdrav. mos. ru - for submission of complaints to work of hospitals and quality of medical care;
www. open. mos. ru - for offers on development new the Internet - resources for submission of complaints of citizens.

The opportunity given to Muscovites to make complaints on the Internet - an important step in the necessary direction. Let`s force lazy officials to work for the benefit of the simple people. Let`s hope that time when it is possible to make the complaint on the Internet even to the president will come.

With arrival to the new government of the new and active Minister of Communications it is quite possible to count on it