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How to glue wall-paper?

Theatre begin with a hanger, the apartment from a corridor, fair repair - with the choice of wall-paper … Of course, it is healthy if you have means to employ for a pokleyka of wall-paper of professionals. And what to do to those at whom money is hardly enough for materials?

First of all I want to advise to choose qualitative wall-paper as only the expert from capital letter will be able to pokleit bad wall-paper! You him are not, time read article about how to glue wall-paper? The second what I always pay attention to - that it was not necessary to select a pattern. Wall-paper with selection demands more skills and means as for coincidence of drawing it is necessary to cut off some part of wall-paper. As a result, the expense of wall-paper can increase quite significantly. We the only time glued wall-paper with selection of drawing - instead of 4 strips from a roll (at us ceilings were 248 cm) three strips turned out.

If you do not want to repeat “feat“ with a pokleyka of wall-paper with regular frequency, a pokleyta wall-paper under painting. Thereby you lose “pleasure“ to glue wall-paper at the following repair. It is much simpler to paint a wall even for those who know how to glue wall-paper and who do it constantly.

How to glue wall-paper then not to re-stick?

In - the first, it is necessary to remove old wall-paper if such are available. Sometimes they come off “nasukhy“, it is rather simple to hook an old layer as wall-paper are unhung by layers. If on a wall there is an even layer of the lower paper layer of wall-paper, then it is possible to start a pokleyka at once. But it only in case walls were leveled earlier.

If you were not lucky and wall-paper is not unhung, then it is possible to try to remove them in the “wet“ way. For this purpose it is necessary to wet a wall by means of the roller ordinary, slightly warm water. For wall-paper keeping on a wall most with firmness buy special means for their removal.

When you will get rid of an old layer of wall-paper (and in old apartments happens also from several at once), walls need to be leveled. You look on a condition of walls. Alignment can be made by means of special mixes or with use of gypsum cardboard. Remember that the wall surface before a sticker of wall-paper has to be absolutely dry and pure. Therefore after alignment let`s walls dry out properly and only after that start pasting.

If walls were painted, then before gluing wall-paper, it is necessary to process a wall a coarse-grained emery paper. The exfoliating paint needs to be removed.

Now directly how to glue wall-paper.

We will glue wall-paper without selection of drawing. For a start it is necessary to measure height of walls. Cut off wall-paper of the necessary length. If it is possible, add about 5 cm. If at you from a roll 4 strips without admissions turn out, it is not terrible. You can cut wall-paper without admission. The plinth will cover a missing piece.

The most difficult - to paste the front page of wall-paper. For this purpose it is necessary to define an exact vertical. Take the level or a plumb. From a window measure the distance equal to width of a roll minus 4 - 5 cm. Draw an exact vertical line. It will also be a reference point of a sticker of the front page.

How to glue wall-paper, it is written on rolls. Usually glue smears a strip of wall-paper. But wall-paper which needs to be smeared with glue not one, but two times meet before pokleit on a wall. Heavy wall-paper smears with glue and pastes on the walls which are previously smeared with glue.

We paste the front page on the vertical line which we put in advance. We begin from a ceiling, gradually we fall down, pressing wall-paper from the center to edges. To convenience and removal of bubbles we apply a dry rag. If it is necessary to cut the excess edge of wall-paper from above or from below, then it is necessary to do it until glue on wall-paper dried.

How to glue wall-paper on equal sites of a wall, you know now. And how to glue wall-paper on internal corners? It is necessary to measure distance from the last strip to a corner. To the received result to add couple of centimeters and to cut off a strip of the received width. To paste at first the most part of wall-paper, then to carry out by a blunt object on wall-paper in a corner (accurately, do not tear wall-paper) and it is good to press down a narrow strip on a new wall.

To continue process in the same spirit before pasting of all walls. Repair easy for you!