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How to accustom a Yorkshire terrier to a toilet?

As Yorkshire terrier to accustom to a toilet? This question is constantly asked by buyers of puppies. I will try to answer it. It will be a question of how to accustom a dog to a toilet in the house - more precisely, how to go to a toilet to a diaper.

Some owners as a house toilet use rags or a cat`s filler. It seems to me that such options not really are suitable for Yorkshire terriers. In the first case the rag will instantly get wet and if you there is no house, then the animal the second time should celebrate need on wet that can discourage to go to a toilet in this place. Believe, the kid will easily find a dry site.

And Yorkshire terriers like to use a cat`s filler as game material therefore such decision is also no good. I prefer to accustom the kids to a diaper. Special diapers for a toilet can be bought in pet-shop. I use the usual disposable diapers intended for children.

If just to put a diaper on a floor, then kids begin to drive it on all apartment. That it did not occur, I use a special tray for diapers. It is possible to buy it too in pet-shop. And for kobelk trays with a column are on sale. For two adult dogs weighing 2,5 kg I use two trays for puppies. For an economy reason I buy diapers of 6090 cm in size, I cut them in half, and two diapers turn out.

I want to tell that the individual approach has to be applied to training of any puppy. Contrary to the occurring opinion that it is possible to accustom each puppy to a toilet I can precisely tell - not everyone. Process of training depends on set of several factors.

In - the first if it is possible, it is worth paying attention to puppy parents. Therefore it is better to buy the pet directly from the manufacturer of the house. As a rule, if mother is clean, then children will easily be accustomed to a diaper too. Having stayed in the house some time, you will be able to see whether the puppy is accustomed to go to a toilet to a diaper.

Of course, the puppy of two-month age can sometimes and miss, but if all puppies from a dung miss, then it has to guard you. It can mean, something at puppies congenital untidiness, or manufacturers just were not engaged in them.

I begin to accustom the puppies to a diaper approximately from week age. That is since that moment as they begin to creep out of nest. For this purpose I lay a diaper directly about an exit from their berth. As a rule, puppies begin to be emptied at an exit at once. Cleanliness at my kids in blood, they will not go to a toilet there where sleep.

If suddenly some creeps by a diaper and will make the affairs not there where it is necessary, I wipe a puddle the same diaper. The wrong place needs to be washed up well special means which is capable to destroy a smell. If not to make it, then the following puddle will be in this place.

As Yorkshire terrier to accustom to a toilet on the new place?


Just by the same principle as it is described, it is necessary to teach a puppy and in the new house. At first for safety of the kid it is desirable for it to fence off the place for life. It can be the open-air cage or a cage. Do not listen to those who say that it is inhumane. Just the opposite. It is inhumane to leave the kid in huge, to his measures, unfamiliar space. The puppy can be wounded, eat something dangerous and that the most terrible - can step on him. Kids Yorkshire terriers are very restless and all the time spin about the owner.

Put a diaper in that place where you would like to see a toilet subsequently (this condition not obligatory as adult Yorkshire terriers easily find a diaper in any place, is checked by moving for the new apartment). While the puppy woke up, at once take him on hands and bear on a diaper. As a rule, after a dream puppies want in a toilet.

If everything turned out, praise the kid, surely give him a delicacy piece. If you did not follow, and the pet descended in a toilet not there, blot a puddle with a diaper and put it in the right place. Do not rub the nose of a puppy, it can bring only to one - the kid will be afraid of you! Be consecutive. Having attentively seen to the kid several days, you will forever forget about pools in unexpected places.

Council for those who solve a similar problem: at first diapers has to be a little. Gradually you will see to what diaper your favourite goes less often, that and clean. Bring quantity of diapers to one. This quantity quite will be enough to change it not more often than once a day.

Be happy with your pet!