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How independently to receive the visa to England?

Great Britain takes the sixth place among the most popular countries of the world among tourists. On the first place on attendance here France, and closes to ten leaders Mexico.

The main stumbling block at our compatriots (from their point of view) when planning an independent trip to England is the question of receipt of a visa. I want to tell at once that it is a problem more likely far-fetched. Rumors about the “blood-thirsty“ staff of Consular department of Embassy of Great Britain who is eager to refuse to every second are strongly exaggerated.

Let`s look how it is necessary to work to receive the visa to Great Britain. I do not consider the appeal to travel agency as in this case you should pay completely all round.

There is, however, still a significant amount of various firms specializing in registration of visas including Great Britain. They take from 200 to 300 Euros for this service, depending on a type of the visa.

Whether it is worth it? As you go, most likely, together, this service can cost you about 500-700 dollars. Perhaps it is better to spend this sum in England for purchase of souvenirs, etc.?

You remember: neither the travel agency, nor intermediary firm guarantee you 100% receipt of a visa .

They just transfer by you the prepared papers to embassy. In our case they even do not do it as in Embassy of Great Britain you should be personally . It is caused by the fact that, according to the legislation of Great Britain, you have to leave the biometric data there. In other words, fingerprints.

Be not frightened - with scenes from police series it has nothing in common. Nobody will soil your hands with mastic and to put them to the corresponding forms. Small pillows of fingers will just scan on the special reader.

first step. Preparation of documents

Prepare all necessary documents for presentation in consular department.

Please, treat seriously requirements of consulate for documents. Somehow did not accept documents from me from - for the fact that the photo did not meet the above-stated requirements.

As from time to time the list can change, the latest data according to the required documents should be specified on the specialized websites of Embassy of Great Britain.

Documents for obtaining the English visa are filed to any British visa center (they are located in Russia in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, in Ukraine - in Kiev).

Step of the second. Filling of the questionnaire

the Embassy of Great Britain uses an electronic form of submission of the questionnaire. For its filling you have to visit the website of Consulate.

There it will be offered to you to fill in all columns of the questionnaire online consistently. And though it is necessary to fill in English, there is nothing difficult in it. As a last resort address someone, knowing English. Anyway it will be cheaper, than company services - the intermediary in receipt of a visa.

If you near at hand did not have all necessary documents, the questionnaire can be kept and then to return to it again (for an entrance on the page of the questionnaire it is necessary to enter an e-mail address on which will send you individual number).

It will be the multivisa, that is throughout the term of its action you can drive to Great Britain so many time how many for you it is necessary.

It is necessary to tell that long-term visas, as a rule, can be received only after you issue several semi-annual visas.

After filling of all columns of the questionnaire you send it to Embassy (on the website there is a special reference). Besides, you print out the questionnaire in duplicate, append the signature and put to all documents demanded by Consular department.

It is also necessary to print out also the invitation in the visa center on which your surname and date of visit will be specified.

Step the third.

in the same place, on the website, to you it will be offered to h2 to choose visit to Consulate by

When filling the questionnaire day and time of visit of Consulate, convenient for you. Choosing them, consider that it is possible to submit the questionnaire in 3 months prior to date of alleged visit to Consulate.

After you decide on date and you will send this information on the reference specified on the website, the notice will come to your e-mail that your information is accepted. In the same place the code appropriated to you will be specified. You should print out all this information for presentation on an entrance to Consulate.

In the appointed day and hour (it is recommended in 25-20 minutes prior to the fixed time) you come to Consulate (addresses are specified on the corresponding websites). The person on duty according to your code lets you into premises of visa department where you also expect a call to the consular employee.

After reception of your documents and appropriate questions you pay a consular fee (charge for receipt of a visa differs depending on the term of its action - 3500 to 30500 rubles) and undergo procedure of biometrics (it not sick).

Then to you report that documents are taken cognizance and when it is possible to learn about results of consideration. The term of consideration can make to 4 - x weeks. But just in case plan travel not earlier than five weeks after visit of Consulate.

Having called back through a certain number of days in Consulate, you learn whether the visa is ready. If yes, that the passport with the visa can be received either most, or by proxy to other person. Also delivery at additional expense a courier service is possible.

If for some reasons at Consular service arose to questions, then can invite you to additional interview. Terrible in it there is nothing. Time somehow “sobesedovat“. Communicated - and issued the visa.

Here and all procedure of receipt of a visa to Great Britain. As you can see, there is nothing difficult here. I received visas to England many times, including biennial and for five years. Never any problems arose. I hope that will not arise also at you.