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Whether it is terrible to die? There are no

any person on the earth who would not think of death. Life and death always nearby. Every day old people, living beings die. Also new - young people, strong are born.

Even separately taken organism is not only the birth, but also withering. Cages - a biological component of a body, thousands die off every day. Naturally they are replaced on new, healthy.

And all - despite clear regularity and naturalness, the death frightens. Live always regret about left and with invariable internal shudder think of the caducity and relatives.

The death of children is absolutely unnatural. It, perhaps, the most terrible that can occur. Our mentality not always copes with similar tragedies. Likely, because the young organism in our perception has to live, flare health, rejoice, enjoy this world.

The death of animals sometimes is perceived slightly more simply, but only because they do not think of it.

Death of the old, lived the century person is, perhaps, option when the event is realized rather quietly. Why? Because deceased managed to live, naturally grew old and quietly waited for a logical conclusion of the life. It is clear process.

My old grandfather at the end of life of death was not afraid. He had cancer, and his son spoke: “The father, fight, cling to life!“ Ded answered: “I do not want to fight. You are welcome. I was tired to live …“

A my old grandmother when ached, declared the unwillingness to be treated. It was bothered by senseless campaigns on hospitals, all these tortures. She wants to attain quietly the age, so much, how many to it it is given. No, it it is not terrible, all the same it once will occur …

Means, in old age people “ripen“ by the end of all?

Really and why is also not present? Importance and existence of natural “maturing“ were well felt on themselves by pregnant women and the given rise women. While the girl pregnant - she very much is afraid of childbirth, pains and all what skilled mothers tell about. But when term - any more not to fear approaches. For childbirth of mummy often there are with pleasure, tired of the state and eager meetings with the baby.

Perhaps, the nature constructed the mechanisms allowing to perceive natural processes as due?

It is often possible to read stories of the people who passed clinical death in which they say about ease, that they saw light at the end of a tunnel, and that “it is good there“.

And scientists assumed that such perception is caused by activization of the center of pleasure of a brain at the moment of death. Perhaps, it is also natural “anesthetic“?

By some analogies dying can be compared to falling asleep. There is a conscious state - when you in senses and memories. Further - transitional, when you already not here, but not there. And, actually, dream - you are absent.

The transitional stage can be described as two - three - five seconds when “all the same“. Something occurs, but you do not operate events. Actually, process of dying is and there is a transition from one state to another. Terribly? No!

For greater belief it is possible to remember not a dream (it can unconvincingly sound), and the period of heavy, very serious illness. The person in some reanimation lies or houses with a big temperature - he is ill. At this moment it is terrible to it to die? No. Of it even it is not thought - is ill. The illness is more serious, the more precisely it is possible to experience this moment of indifference.

Will paralyze understanding of the end. Those representations that wander in a condition of sensible mind and memory. But then it makes sense to specify a question. It turns out, it is terrible not to die, and to think of it? And if it is terrible to think - why then to do it? Especially as in case of totality, thoughts all the same will give nothing.

In this sense as cruelly sounds, but leaving of babies them is not realized, so is not so terrible in their perception.

But there are still situations when the conscious person perishes against the will and not on a natural old age. And by accident. When it occurs instantly, does not manage to think, so and did not worry. What it to be afraid of, such death? If it occurs, so God ordered so.

The condition of predeath is terrible . Understanding of possible or unambiguous death. And this fear - it natural, strong. At the same time it causes a sort survival instinct. The victim in hunting is always afraid. Any animal to the last will fight for the life. And it is natural, it is correct. Whether it is possible to overcome it, this fear? And whether it is necessary?

The people who are especially advanced in the spiritual development say that it is possible to cope. But it is absolutely precisely known that it is difficult.

And it is possible to leave and to coexist perfectly with such feeling. For internal harmony sometimes it is enough to realize that existence of fear of death is one of the most important pledges of life.