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You are sure of yourself?

The child is born, comes to this world.

Hi, kid! Welcome to life!

And here, somewhere to 2 - m to years of the small life the child receives from parents, relatives, tutors in
kindergarten or nurses on average 14. 600 No
in response to the requests and desires (in a month it is more
600 no!!!) in 7 years - 51. 000 No,
here teachers at school,
in 17 years - 12 already join. 4000 No! whether the person who received 12 Can have high
a self-assessment. 4000 no, having lived 17 years?

From where problems in life, and, as a result &ndash undertake; failures, depressions, loss of self-confidence?

It appears, a problem of all problems - a low self-assessment. most of people, not only women, but also men suffers from this
But an exit is!

You came to this life not just like that. It is not accident!
contains In a dose of sperm about 100 million spermatozoa and only one you broke and born.

Realize it!

Such competition in life - 1: 100. 000. 000 at you will never be any more!

You - already winner!

You are unique, such is not present any more!

Every day, looking in a mirror - say to yourself that you are beautiful, loved, happy - and it will occur in your life!
Key moment - belief! When you trust - everything happens, doubts nullify all your efforts.

Concentrate only on the advantages, work with shortcomings.
On what we concentrate - that and we receive. That you will seed
- also you will reap that!

I still very important point:

your environment (friends, colleagues, relatives) help you to grow, move forward and remain happy?
Or pull you in a bog ,,,,?
Is only your choice - what you can become! But also not to make the choice - it is the choice too...

Have bravery to live life, but not to follow crowd!

* * * Whom to love
? To whom to trust?
Who will not change us one?
Who put everything, all speeches will measure
Obligingly on our arshin? Who slander about us does not sow
? Who us carefully cherishes
to Come our defect it does not matter? Who will never bore
of the Ghost the vain seeker,
of Works is vain without ruining,
Love yourself
A.S. Pushkin

* * *
Love yourself, to you is in own company for a long time!